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Lifestyles .. the mornings are rushed and busy before we drive to work, commute in clogged roads, return back home, buy groceries, factor in school or work events, deal with work emails and work texts, invoices and accounts, organise dinner…deal with cold-call phone calls, manage family illnesses, older parents, young families, housework and prepare for the next day.

If you are a manager – then also factor in managing staff, dozens or hundreds of emails, meetings and interruptions to your plans. We are busy texting, responding and staying current on social networking. We are busy being busy.

Therapeutic massage has been around for thousands of years having been recorded in ancient texts and scripts. “Manual therapies” fell out of favor in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s due to the excitement of new discoveries in science that lead to the development of the emerging pharmaceutical industry. In response, generations of people came to expect cures for their physical and medical problems with a pill. But as it happens, history repeats itself.

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Our New Zealand and ‘Hibiscus Coast/ North Shore’ ‘way of life’ is traditionally relaxed, casual and easy. However…we also have a busy life here.

Which lifestyle are you??…

Are youThe Computer programmer /High computer use employment?

Are youThe Business Director or Executive?

Are youA Mother?

Are youA Weekend Warrior / Sports enthusiast?

Are youA Competitive Athlete?

Are you
A Pilot/Cabin Crew?

What can massage do for you?  Contact us today for your appointment.


Meet Our Team

Massage Therapists

Jessica CooperRegistered Massage Therapist (MNZ)

The owner and Director of North Shore Massage & Osteopathy has recently ‘retired’ from active Massage Therapy after almost 20 years.

She had specialised in focused techniques for injuries, sports massage, relaxation and lymphatic drainage for surgery / injury. Neck, headaches, whiplash, shoulder, arm and hand pain was a specialty.

Her focus now is to manage the business, linking in closely with their very popular Osteopaths of Shore Osteopaths – Taz Darragh and Sara Milovic.

Stephanie MountRegistered Massage Therapist (MNZ)

Stephanie holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from The New Zealand College of Massage and a Certificate in Aromatherapy.

Her warm and caring nature is a testament to her large client base. She focuses on sports, deep tissue, relaxation, using aromatherapy oils , and regularly sends her clients home with Self-management stretches.

Stephanie is also studying in her final year of Human Nutrition and Psychology at Massey University.

Days of work: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Karen Kerr Registered Massage Therapist (MNZ)

Karen holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from The New Zealand College of Massage.

Her enthusiastic and friendly personality with a great sense of humour is an asset to the team.

She focusses on Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage. Treatment can include a combination of trigger point, neuromuscular and stretching techniques.

Days of work: Tuesday and Thursday

Jo WorrallRegistered Massage Therapist (MNZ)

Jo has trained in both New Zealand and Australia, as well as worked in the Middle East.

She offers well thought out and researched pain and stress relief through a combination of deep tissue and relaxation massage. Jo also offers pregnancy and aromatherapy massage and is continuing to up-skill with her training in the theory and use of doTERRA pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils.

Days of work: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday



Taz Darragh

Taz graduated from Unitec New Zealand with honours in the Master of Osteopathy degree. He holds a current annual practising certificate with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and is ACC registered.

Taz completed his research thesis on shoulder pain. He researched the best methods for the rehabilitation of those suffering shoulder impingement syndrome. Having completed extensive research on shoulder pain he is now highly regarded in this field.

Days of work: Monday and Thursday

Sara Milovic

Sara graduated from Unitec New Zealand with a Master of Osteopathy degree, having completed her thesis on the use and effect of standing desks in the workplace environment. Through this investigation Sara gained a strong understanding of workplace injuries and postural related pain. Sara holds a current annual practicing certificate with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and is an ACC registered provider.

Days of work: Tuesday through to Saturday


Cosmetic Nurse specialist

Susan DurneyBHSC (NSG), Post grad Cert (NSG)

Susan Durney graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) from the Auckland University of Technology in 2000 and later gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing in 2007. She has a strong background in all aspects of surgical nursing, having worked in a private medical/surgical hospital, including Plastic Surgery and other specialties.

More recently, Susan has provided clinical assistance alongside Plastic Surgeon Dr David Crabb as a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist, consulting with patients and providing all the injectable treatments such as Botox® and Juvederm® dermal fillers to enhance facial appearance. Susan is also experienced in providing advanced Botox® techniques including treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraines.

She takes great satisfaction in the challenges of Plastic Surgery nursing, welcoming the varied nature of the work and enjoying close contact with patients while providing continuous patient care.

Susan is a member of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and keeps up-to-date with research and current changes in this dynamic industry by attending clinical forums, workshops, webinars and conferences.

Susan is available for consultation at the Rodney Surgical Centre, enquiries by mobile on 021 867 137 or by e-mail to


Send referrals to RSC via healthlink (rodneysc) or fax to 09 425 0115. We will contact your patient and arrange a suitable appointment time and location.


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