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Stress – Mental or Emotional
Emotional turmoil
Digestive discomfort
Weight concerns
Joint pain
Food sensitivities
Breathing difficulties
High cholesterol
High blood sugar levels


Energy Medicine
These changing times are reflected in the way we view our health needs and what we resonate with. The more sensitive we become, the more our body responds to Energy medicine (Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Homeobotanicals), like Energy Healing, work with the natural core vibrations of the body. This can balance and re-harmonise any disrupted states of being, with ‘no nasty side effects’ like some drugs.


Energy Medicine for Your Soul:

Energy Healing
Homeopathic remedies
Homeobotanicals (homeopathically prepared herbal formulas)
Flower Remedies - New Zealand First Light Flower Essences & Bach Remedies

FOR Your Mind & Emotions:

The ‘AAWSM’ Process’ for release of stored stress, pain and trauma
Integrated Vibrational Energy Therapy (IVET)
Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing
Flower Remedies, - New Zealand Flower Essences & Bach Remedies
Nutritional/supplemental support for the normal functioning of your nervous system
Relaxation Massage
Grief support
Visualisation Techniques
Unconditional Acceptance
Time for You in a nurturing environment

NOTE - The AAWSM Process gently & safely facilitates the release of stored stress, pain or trauma.
Integrated Vibrational Energy Therapy – Checks the Auric field for damage from emotional trauma then enables repair.

FOR Your Body:

Thyroid function support
Joint Pain Support (particularly Back pain)
Nutritional Advice and Analysis
Cholesterol Management Support
Insomnia support
Safe Homeobotanical Remedies (Potentised Herbal Formulas)

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Energy Healing
Tested and approved Dietary Supplements
Relaxation massage


Back pain support - getting to the source and supporting recovery.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Tests all Mineral levels & relevant ratios, e.g. Calc/Mag – imbalance of any can lead to un-wellness.
Homeobotanical Herbal Remedies - developed to support a vast range of physical conditions and range in options from A-Z 

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a simple but very effective way of determining the strength and functioning of body systems and glands by way of a University proven 'muscle testing' technique. The same technique can be used to choose what remedy and dosage will support the strengthening and balancing of any depletion that was shown.  

Ruth takes pride in working in with her clients to design a regime that fits your time and lifestyle. In this way you are in control of your outcome.

You can move from this ..........                                To this........      


The AAWSM Feelings Dissolving Process

Within 40 minutes of working with Ruth as she progressed through her AAWSM (Awesome) Technique of Healing, I was able to feel the pain, anger and sadness lifting from my heart. The emotions I had been experiencing seemed to lose their tight hold on me and I am now at peace with the situation that had been impeding me from moving on with my life. A wonderful medical aspect has been the incredible lowering of my blood pressure which has been a real cause of concern.
Thank you Ruth for the kind and sensitive way in which you guided me through this process and for your follow up.
Sue Murray - August 2012


February 2013

Dear Ruth- Thank you so much for the healing session. It was so lovely to lie back in your gentle presence and just let myself be open to what ever Healing was in Highest Good.

Your insights and intuititions were spot on and such a big change has happened since - you certainly bring through the Divine Presence in a powerful yet entirely safe and gentle way.

And the distance session follow-up was just as good.  Great to have you as part of my regular 'growth and support regime'.

Lots of Love,

Jasmine Sampson, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, Healer & Mentor. 

The AAWSM Programme

In Early 2012 my business pressures and lifeltyle meant that I was getting really stressed out and my work/leisure time as getting out of balance.

An acquaintance suggested that I call Ruth Winmill and book in for an AAWSM session with her.

I did this and Ruth took me through the AAWSM process.  What a difference this made!

Without telling Ruth any of my personal problems or issues as we worked through the process, the stress just melted away and I felt at peace with myself; and the world.  It was simple but amazing how it worked.

AAWSM is AWESOME and I would recommend a session with Ruth to anyone who is finding life dificult or is stressed out.

R. Henry (Mr)   January 2013



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