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Calluses are tough areas of skin, often yellow or grey in colour, which has hardened due to excessive pressure or contact. Calluses can appear on the feet, for instance from tight fitting shoes, or on the hands, for instance from playing a stringed musical instrument. They are not usually harmful but can become infected.


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There are many causes of calluses but the majority of problems develop due to excessive pressure on the foot through walking or standing which causes the skin to thicken.

The risk of developing calluses increases when wearing badly fitting footwear. High heels, pointed toes and tight-fitting shoes squeeze the foot and toes causing them to rub against the inside of the shoe. Similarly, loose fitting shoes cause the foot and toe to slide and rub against the shoe.  

Walking barefoot also causes the skin to thicken in an effort to protect itself and calluses may develop as a result. Skin type can lead to calluses particularly in the elderly who have less fatty tissue to create padding. This leads to calluses forming on the skin at the ball of the foot.

Repetitive actions such as jogging or walking can lead to calluses especially if the stride is abnormal. Calluses can also be a sign of a deformity or abnormality in the bone structure.


Symptoms of calluses 

Symptoms of calluses include toughened skin which can be yellow or grey in colour forming on the skin of the feet or hands. Pain may also be felt when walking while wearing shoes may prove uncomfortable.

Any pressure applied to the callus can be painful and if it has become infected there will be inflammation and possible bleeding.


Diagnosis of calluses 

Calluses are a common problem and you can usually self-diagnose the condition. If you are experiencing severe pain then the callus may have become infected so you should visit your GP. If a more serious underlying condition is suspected (such as bone deformity) then you will be referred for an X-ray.


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