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Family relationship problems typically occur because the family dynamic is constantly changing. Families require time spent together and individual family members also need their own space. Conflicts can develop through issues such as separation, divorce, disruptive children, pregnancy, finances, poor communication, redundancy, illness or extended family difficulties (i.e. getting on with step parents/children etc.).


Causes of family relationship problems

There is a varied and unique set of problems associated with family relationships due to factors such as proximity, communication and timescale. As the family dynamic is always growing and changing, problems are inevitable and if left unchecked can cause a complete breakdown. What begins as a petty dispute can gain momentum over a period of time until it escalates into overblown arguments that have no sign of being resolved.

Another common family relationship problem includes the stress and anxiety over parental separation or divorce which causes children to develop emotional or behavioural problems. Financial difficulties can also have a major impact on a family as can drug or alcohol addiction or childhood abuse.

Other common family relationship problems include:

  • Long-term illness – looking after a sick parent or child places a great strain on families.
  • Introducing step parents/children – when different families come together through remarriage, difficulties can occur during the transition period and future living arrangements.
  • Pregnancy – the arrival of a new family member can cause disruption to an existing family dynamic. This can be particularly difficult for an only child who has been used to getting all the attention

Symptoms of family relationship problems

A family relationship problem can cause various symptoms depending on the individual and their ability to cope with difficulties in the home. Adults and children can both display emotional and mental distress which may not be apparent until a while after the problem has begun.

Common signs that someone is having family relationship problems include:

  •     Irritability
  •     Stress
  •     Anxiety
  •     Depression
  •     Withdrawal
  •     Avoidance
  •     Lack of communication
  •     Verbal abuse
  •     Physical abuse
  •     Signs of abuse (bruises etc.)
  •     Excessive drinking
  •     Taking drugs
  •     Self harm

Diagnosis of family relationship problems

The difficulty with family relationship problems is that one or more members may require help but are unwilling to discuss the issues which are affecting them. It may be that one family member seeks help on their own or the family as a whole choose to find a way to resolve their problems.

You may wish to discuss matters with your GP to begin with. The GP will usually suggest counselling or mediation services which can be done on a one-to-one basis or in a group environment whereby all members can attend.



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