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Almost everyone I meet, and work with, have similar outcomes in mind for themselves. They generally want to be healthy and happy... end of story!! So why is it that the world is becoming a harder place in which to achieve these two things? Why is it, when you have so much opportunity and resources to help you achieve health and happiness, that actually achieving good health and a state of happiness seems to get further and further away from your grasp?

The 2 Essential Habits For Your Health And Happiness are:

1. Stop worrying!

The word 'worry' comes from a Greek word which can be translated as 'divided mind'. And that's exactly what worry feels like so much of the time - a stream of thoughts pulling you in many different directions at once. Worrying is not only one of the least productive uses we can make of our minds, it is one of the least pleasant.

So why do we keep on worrying?



·      We believe in some way that worrying keeps us safe

·      We believe that we don't know how to stop worrying



 Yet neither of these are based any complete or accurate information. There is a tremendous difference between taking care of what is within your control and worrying about what is not.

2.  Feel good NOW!

We need to learn some different ways to stop the constant 'threats', most of which are imaginary, to our nervous system. Our emotional reactions to our interpretation of an event is what creates the threat to our health and happiness and stops us from feeling good.

We are continually preparing ourselves for something that generally never happens. The human nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real and a vividly imagined event. We must learn to control stress and boost our natural levels of relaxation to feel good. Your health and wellbeing will increase almost immediately...

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