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No matter what type of anxiety problem men struggle with, it is important to understand that often there are reasons why ‘worry’ remains a part of life.

Reason 1. You haven’t acknowledged that you are experiencing anxiety

You may well be telling yourself that it’s just a busy period (or a slow one) at work and that when things pick up you’ll be as right as rain.  


FACT: Anxiety that remains unattended will only increase in frequency and severity.

Reason 2. You aren’t recognizing your worry because that would make it worse

You think because you only experience symptoms at some stages of the day eg. when you first wake up your brain is racing but as soon as you get up (which you do pretty much straight away as a way of shutting down the racing thoughts) it’s not a problem that you need to deal with. Or maybe you can’t remember what you were anxious about or you can only recall one or two instances and forget the rest.

FACT: To manage worry, you first need to become an expert at recognizing and classifying it.

Reason 3. You believe that worry is actually useful or helpful

However, you probably realize that you are worrying too much and that this is not a good thing. And as long as you think that worrying is helpful or useful in some way, you are going to want to keep doing it.

FACT: It is important to rethink any beliefs you might have about the usefulness of your worry.

Reason 4: You think it’s not ‘manly’ to admit to having bouts of anxiety

Men are notoriously bad at reporting in for help with their health, especially anything to do with their emotional or mental health. And herein lies the problem. When you do put your hand up for help, the problem can be solved.  



FACT:  Anxiety can be managed rather that it controlling you

Reason 5:  You don’t know where to go for help!

You know you need to get on top of the internal thoughts, your overactive mind that threatens to derail you at times, and yet apart from going to a medical doctor and getting prescription drugs (which you don’t want to take) you are unsure of where the help may come from.


FACT: You can easily learn new management skills designed to teach you effective ways of dealing with your worry.

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Linda Wells is a specialist in assisting men in business – CEO’s, business owners, managers, leaders, salespeople, and other professionals – to master the overactive mind that doesn’t seem to have an ‘off’ switch so they can enjoy what they’ve earned.


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