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One in four males suffer from anxiety...and that's based on what's reported!! And a lot of anxiety experienced by males goes un-diagnosed or unreported as males are frequently reluctant to admit to having a problem of this nature.

Regardless of the type of anxiety you are struggling with, it's important to know these 5 facts:

 1. You do not want to eliminate want to manage it! Because anxiety is the normal response of your body telling you that there's danger, you would not want to do away with this alarm system

2. Anxiety becomes a problem when your body tells you there's danger but there's no real danger, only imaginary danger!

Anxiety can be relentless and sometimes you feel as though you have no control over it.

3. When you think you're in danger (even when you aren't), your body reacts as if it really is in danger

4. Anxiety is the name given to these imaginary worries and any uncomfortable physical feelings in your body that accompany these worries and requires acknowledgement and understanding

5. Males get anxious whenever there is uncertainty in a situation or if they are not 100% sure about something...

The most common type of anxiety is called General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). If you have it, you will worry about things you are uncertain about.

It's the worry that leads you to feel anxious.

This means that the best way to manage your anxiety is to learn how to manage your worry. This worry becomes a mind game and often you will feel as if you have no control over the relentless negative self-talk in your head. It's exhausting and causes many health issues such as lethargy, poor sleep patterns, high blood pressure, heart attacks, cardio vascular diseases, immune deficiency diseases, and many more.

Anxiety is a real and a serious problem and if not attended to can create havoc with your mind and body.

This is the second in an educational series about males and how they experience anxiety.

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