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Current thyroid function testing methods include:

•    Serum thyroid tests: Blood testing of thyroid hormone levels shows how much hormone is available to receptor sites in the brain, not necessarily the level of hormone the body has utilised. In some situations, serum tests are less accurate as they do not tell if the thyroid hormone is functional. In these clinical situations physiological measurements like Resting Metabolic Rates (RMR), Basal Body Temperatures or Reflex times are more accurate estimations of thyroid function.

•    Body basal temperature requires taking your temperature first thing in the morning before any activity or getting out of bed. Temperature must be taken at the same time every day.  Results are an indicator only.

Advantages of using Thyroflex For Thyroid Testing:
•    Thyroflex is a non-invasive test which measures brachioradialis reflexometry (BR) and resting metabolic rate, providing results within 4 minutes.
•    The Thyroflex test identifies if your thyroid function is under or overactive or within the optimal range.
•    Thyroflex helps to ensure you are on appropriate thyroid hormone replacement dosage with 98.5% accuracy.
•    Thyroflex will show if your current regime for treatment of hyper or hypothyroid is adequate.
•    Predicts resting metabolic rate (which tells you how many calories you are burning per day).
•    Finding out if the dose of thyroid medication is optimal for you can greatly lower your health risk.  Having correct thyroid medication helps to regulate not just metabolism by other hormones, neurotransmitters and even your immune function.

Why is the Brachioradials reflex point used?

Slow reflexes are a known marker of low thyroid function. The Thyroflex measures how long it takes from the time the "hammer" hits the reflex point - which first sends a message to spine and back again until the reflex responds. This speed directly correlates with thyroid function.

What is involved in doing the Thyroflex test?

A symptom survey of thyroid function is completed first, to determine whether thyroid function warrants testing with the Thyroflex machine.

Symptoms are graded from 0 to 3

0 - No symptoms

1 - Mild symptoms

2 - Moderate symptoms

3 - Severe symptoms

Scores are then totalled. Your healthcare practitioner will then review the symptom survey score and decide if the Thyroflex test should be performed.
The Thyroflex test takes approximately 4 minutes to administer and results are provided immediately.

Test results & Report

Your healthcare practitioner can interpret the Thyroflex report and will advise on which supplements and nutritional advice are necessary to improve thyroid function. If you are currently on medication or supplements for thyroid, your healthcare practitioner will advise if the dosage needs to be increased or decreased, depending on your Thyroflex test results to ensure the thyroid is in balance.

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