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Sharon Erdrich
Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

Sharon Erdrich is one of New Zealand’s leading natural healthcare professionals. With over 30 years experience, she offers health and nutritional expertise to students of nutrition and naturopathy, health professionals and to private clients.
Her wide range of experience means she is well place to support you to achieve your health goals.

Sharon is a New Zealand registered nurse, registered naturopath, registered medical herbalist and holistic nutritional consultant with a busy practice in Auckland.  She has a Master of Health Science, specialising in nutrition.  Her thesis was a dietary study, investigating the role of nutrition in men with prostate cancer, from which two papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals:

1. An Investigation into the Association between DNA Damage and Dietary Fatty Acid in Men with Prostate Cancer
2. A pilot study to investigate if New Zealand men with prostate cancer benefit from a Mediterranean-style diet

She also developed a collection of recipes for promoting dietary change for men with prostate cancer, which is available as a free resource from the University of Auckland’s website. 

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Through nutrition and herbal medicine, I help men, women and families struggling with a wide range of health conditions including digestive disorders. By identifying and correcting the underlying root cause of these issues, your body receives the support it needs to heal naturally.

House of health clients find this empowering as it provides a non-invasive way to finally claim back your health.



Each therapist and modality has their own particular strength and by working together, the therapists provide an integrated and holistic approach to health care, offering solutions using both innovative and traditional therapies.

An appointment with one of our expert therapists is just a phone call or a click of your mouse away. Alternatively you can email us with an outline of your health problem and we will recommend a consultant for you.   

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Finding House of Health has absolutely changed my life, health and wellbeing.
Sharon is so effective because she is a registered nurse as well as a naturopath which means that the treatment she provides is completely complementary. The sessions of at least an hour mean that Sharon can ask far more indepth questions and get to the root of problems rather than simply putting band aids on them. She is also incredibly knowledgable and picks up on things that many health professionals wouldn’t and as a result my health is steadily improving.

-Brigitte Ellis


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