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How Much Stress Is Too Much Stress?

We all have a certain point at which the stresses and strains that we’re put under lead the body to tell us ‘enough is enough’. We all know people who wear their stress like a badge of honour and regard their stress as something highly desirable. They are almost addicted to stress and this is definitely not a healthy position to be in. Yet many of us are experiencing daily stress and often hide the symptoms. We know they are there and yet for some reason we either choose to ignore them or avoid them.


We’re all subject to two forms of stress that can be identified as acute and chronic.

Acute stress is ‘stress’ that when the immediate situation is over the body quickly returns to normal, for example a job interview, being cooped up in an overcrowded train and feeling claustrophobic, or presenting a speech.

Chronic stress is the more destructive of the two forms of stress as it involves everyday “stressors’ that we experience on a daily basis. In this case we’re constantly assaulted by the stressors and the body is in a constant state of alert. The alarm is always on and never gets switched off.


Stress symptoms manifest in four main areas: physical, emotional, thinking, and behaviour. You will get warning signals when you are experiencing too much stress…

So is your stress too much stress?

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