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And what’s the difference between tiredness and fatigue?

And what about lethargy? Where does it fit in?

What say you’re constantly tired, not just from a late night out or a busy weekend, but feel tired all the time, every day! You wake up tired, spend the day feeling tired and go to bed at night feeling bone-tired! There is generally more happening here. What are you not paying attention to? Maybe there is some anxiety around some areas of your life? Or perhaps there’s some emotional distress that requires attention now, rather than putting it aside as you’ve always done? Or are there physical issues, like being unfit or overweight – carrying too many excess kilos for too long, or are you not getting enough hours of quality sleep? Or maybe it’s a mindset problem and you’re ‘stuck’ in your current thinking, or have got too much going on in your mind and can’t move forward?

And when does this feeling become fatigue?  Anxiety is extremely physically and mentally draining. It actually shuts down some parts of your body and brain in an effort to save energy for other parts of your brain, and it excites your muscles so much that over time your muscles become completely drained of energy, ultimately causing you to experience considerable fatigue.  Emotional wellbeing is such an important part of our thinking feeling and doing system. If we’re struggling with emotional issues then it is draining our system …

Lethargy is often a sign that your anxiety has developed further, to a severe anxiety disorder and possibly even depression. When we discuss lethargy, we are talking about a complete unwillingness to do anything, often with a feeling of wanting to sleep or severe fatigue. And is that feeling a ‘tired all the time’ feeling? Many of those with lethargy feel as though they are in desperate need of sleep and running on empty throughout the day.

The mind and body is in a continuous loop. Neuroscientists have discovered that emotion can be detected by changes in the molecular structure of our bodies at the level of neurotransmitters.  Become more aware of how your mental state affects how your body feels, and vice versa.

Don’t delay in getting the right support you need now. Life is not meant to be lived in this way. You don’t need to be tired all the time. Find out more by contacting Linda at or go to for more information

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