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Q Does it neccesarily mean I have Depression as my GP tells me, I disagree.

A Hi,
Firstly don't get too worried about the words used in diagnosis. Whatever your symptoms are, that your GP has diagnosed as depression - you can recover!
Quite often depression is diagnosed by a GP when a person has depressive symptoms, which seems logical; however depressive symptoms can be associated with a number of imbalances in the body not least nutritional deficiencies, low immunity, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, adrenal gland exhaustion, liver problems etc.
Not all people diagnosed with depression have what is known as "clinical Depression". Clinical depression is a more severe illness.
I have had over 30 years experience in Mental Health (reg Nurse) and over 20 years as a practicing Reg. Naturopath. Sadly "depressive" symptoms and indeed all mental health problems are extremely common in NZ. I work with people who want help for Mental health problems outside of the conventional services.
With help you need to focus on diet and lifestyle changes with the support of herbs which not only alleviate symptoms but also strengthen parts of your body which contribute to the feelings of low mood. These will be different in different people, it's not simply a case of using herbs which just work on the nervous system. I make herbal medicine according to your needs.
Nutrients may be needed - changes in your diet; both adding or increasing certain foods and cutting out foods which either deplete you of nutrients or prevent full absorption of nutrients. Nutrients such as magnesium, zinc (both low in NZ soil), vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and high quality fats are often needed.
Click the link to get in touch with me, for more info or to book a consultation.
Keep hopeful, make sure you get some help for someone.
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A Hi there.
Being told you have depression does. It make it true. Many people have lots of things going on that can affect mood, energy, sleep - to name just a few things. A comprehensive health consultation would help identify the core things to address, rather than assigning a "label" to you, as appears to have happened.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Kind regards
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