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Q I was made redundant from my job of six years last year. Although having attended many interviews since I find that I am unable to cope with the feelings of nerves and extreme anxiety I feel - to the point where my mind goes completely blank and I can walk out of the interview not even knowing what questions were asked or what answers I gave. While I have been lucky to obtain temporary work in the mean time I am desperate to get a permanent job and this is ailment is proving a massive hurdle to my success. I would appreciate any assistance anyone could give. I have tried using Rescue Remedy and Stressmed to no avail. Thank you.

A HI there
I would suggest some NLP. I have had great, and usually very quick success with public speaking, competition nerves and anxiety, which this sounds like a mixture of. The approach is to have a conversation to find out exactly what mental processes you are going through, interrupt them, and replace them with something more useful and effective. I do sessions by phone or skype, or you could visit the NZANLP site for a practitioner near you. If you are in a main center other than Auckland I can possibly recommend someone for you

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A Hi there. I gave a response to your other query - but if you would like to explore the role of breathing as a cause or contributor to your anxiety, (which is incredibly common) I suggest you contact Pilar Cerezo-Gomez , who is our resident BradCliff breathing therapist. You can call her on 021 0475 427.
Kind regards
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