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Q I was made redundant from my job of six years last year. Although having attended many interviews since I find that I am unable to cope with the feelings of nerves and extreme anxiety I feel - to the point where my mind goes completely blank and I can walk out of the interview not even knowing what questions were asked or what answers I gave. While I have been lucky to obtain temporary work in the mean time I am desperate to get a permanent job and this is ailment proving a massive hurdle to my success. I would appreciate any assistance anyone could give. I have tried using Rescue Remedy and Stressmed to no avail. Thank you

A It's always good to try a holistic approach towards making things better for yourself. Anxiety and nervousness can be debilitating but be assured it is something that almost always can be worked through.
Counselling, exercise, diet, social interactions, and spirituality are the main aspects which may well be worth evaluating and considering.
Check out my website and the webpage "Depression and Anxiety" for symptoms and an insight into how I could assist with some counselling.
Take care, Hayden Oswin
Answered by: Hayden Oswin - Counsellor & Celebrant;
Answered on: 16-04-2013;
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A Hi,
You need a holistic approach to this, definitely see Naturopathic advice for an individual assessment. There is no quick fix here.
However recovery is possible with your commitment to building your your health.
Certainly herbal meds and supplements will help,to calm and relax, strengthen your nervous system and strengthen your adrenal glands (very likely a problem area with the long term stress). Focusing on diet and lifestyle is a priority.
Drink at least 2 liters of plain still water EVERY DAY.
Depletion of nutrients esp. B vitamins, vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc will trigger anxiety. You need to not only include foods rich in nutrients but also to cot out all those foods which deplete the body of these nutrients - Sugar, alcohol, refined grains.
Alcohol esp. would be a problem.
Other aspects of your diet related to you as an individual may also play a part.
Exercise is extremely important; you need to be doing 30 - 60 minutes EVERY DAY; start with walking at a pace you feel breathless.
Relaxation techniques are also needed - these also need to be practiced at least daily.
Click the link to get in touch with me and make your appointment.
best wishes
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Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Hi - Healing is a natural function of the body and our bodies always work on healing and balancing themselves but many forms of stress can unbalance and this channels the body's resources away from healing, sometimes so much that our bodies cannot recover easily.

Accunect is a technique that uses a simple tapping procedure to shift the body from stress mode back into its natural state of balance by clearing stored emotions, beliefs memories of trauma, etc.

Accunect balances many levels of the body so it can release its resources to bring the body back into healing mode and restore its natural flow of energy within the whole body and mind.
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Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A It is so hard to be made redundant after 6 years and well done for securing temporary work as this will help ease any feelings associated with this. Sometimes we go through periods of anxiety. I used to have similar feelings sitting exams and I got hypnotherapy which worked well.
Make sure your diet is full of nutrients especially magnesium ( green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, black strap molasses, dark chocolate and cacao, pumpkin and brocolli) and B Vitamins (mustard greens, spinach, alfalfa sprouts,lentils, beets) as these help with anxiety. Cut back on coffee, alcohol and highly processed foods as these 'stress' the body. Suggestions already made such as meditation and relaxation are beneficial.
BodyTalk and energy medicine can assist with balancing out the body and different blends of flower essences will also work on emotional issues. Rescue remedy is a blend of 6 flower essences but there are others which may assist as well. Daily affirmations and self talk are a must when confidence has been battered!
Try oatstraw tea to ease nervous tension and don't forget about exercising and being in nature at least 20 minutes a day.
All the best. I am sure you will overcome any obstacle
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A Redundancy is extremely stressful, and as others have said, what you're experiencing is more common than you might imagine. The good news is that you don't have to cope alone. A properly trained hypnotherapist would be able to help you. It wouldn't be an overnight cure, but it would takes a few weeks, rather than months for you to feel confident again. Start by believing that in spite of your current experience, there IS a job out there for you. Also, if you haven't already, try looking at jobs that are outside your previous field. You are sure to find that you have built up knowledge and skills that are transferable to a number of situations. I specialise is the relief of stress and anxiety, and if you are in
the Thames-Coromandel area, or within travelling distance, I'd be happy to see you. I would use a combination of hypnotherapy and Reiki, which I think you'd find very helpful. In the meantime, while you're deciding what to do, try to remember that your feelings are generated by your thoughts. Write down all the positive things about yourself and your situation (trust me, there will be some!). Then imagine that you have a dial sitting somewhere in your diaphragm, which you can use to turn down negative thoughts and turn up positive ones, and practice until you get good at positive thinking, if not about your job situation, at least about yourself, as a person. You held down a job for six years, and that has to be a good start!
Answered by: Thames Hypnotherapy and Reiki;
Answered on: 06-04-2013;
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A NLP Coaching will help you discover how you are actually creating your anxiety then find a better "program" for you to run so you can present yourself in a much more useful state to your next interviews.
I suggest ringing a few practitioners and getting a feel for who you want to work with. Some of us will happily work via phone or skype so that widens your choice. It should only take a session or 2 to sort this, as long as there are no complications. good luck, and please feel free to call or email
Answered by: Release Body Therapy and NLP Coaching;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi there. This is actually more common than you may think and I have had a number of clients in this boat recently. The reason your mind goes blank and you're not even sure what has happened in the meeting is because you're not only in an anxious state, you're in fight/flight. Of course this is a survival state and very hard-wired in to protect us. What happens in situations like this is that it is triggered in a seemingly 'dangerous' situation and is such a strong response it can feel very hard to calm down or change - primarily because it is an unconscious reaction. The trick is to reset this response at the unconscious level (as mentioned previous posts below of course) so that your very helpful fight/flight response can essentially settle back down and not react in what is in fact a safe (if somewhat challenging situation) such as a job interview. In this way, you are still looking after yourself when truly needed, and in the meantime can relax and speak confidently in interviews, meetings, etc. More info and egs here - I hope this is helpful. Warm wishes. Karen Ross
Answered by: Start With You - Karen Ross, Expert Coach;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Any behaviour we carry out has an underlying belief driving it - anxiety, nervousness is no different. To move through and change any behaviour permanently, we need to first discover the core belief that drives it - awareness is the key here to making the change. With Hypnoenergetics, we help people to not only locate those core beliefs that are held deep within the sub-conscious mind, gain the understanding and awareness around their anxiety before helping them to move through it - we deal with the emotional, energetic and physical aspects that co-exist with the behaviour also. This type of Hypnotherapy is not about managing the anxiety or learning to deal with it, it is all about understanding and changing the behaviour permanently so that you no longer need to experience it. If you'd like to learn more about how Hypnoenergetics works, please feel free to contact us directly at:
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Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Meditation would help you - I have 3 free ones you can download from
A relaxation meditation is included.
I could also help relieve the anxiety with a one-off personal session in person or by distance. Please feel free to contact me via my website
to request a free no-obligation telephone discussion of your situation.
Here is the link
Best wishes
Answered by: Jasmine Sampson Ltd;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi there, while these feelings you have are extremely uncomfortable and you feel you are unable to cope with them, it's important to learn to accept and understand your feelings - in other words make them your friend rather than your enemy. A lot of treatment of anxiety or other feelings is directed at changing them or making them go away, rather than accepting them and allowing them to be there. The word emotion means 'to move out' and that is what we need to learn to do - allow them to move out! It's not easy, but in the long term its easier than trying to push them away every time. What we resist persists. If you would like help to learn this technique I can teach you - it's very empowering in the long term.
Answered by: Vibrant Health Centre;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi there,

Extreme stress is known to affect memory formation and memory recall. What is happening to you happens to many unfortunate students during exam time!

I have had success managing this type of stress by practicing speaking in front of others at Toastmasters, which has a supportive and constructive approach to reducing the anxiety of speaking under pressure. It can take 3 months or more to improve, but the results are long term and would also be beneficial during your career.

If you experience stress and anxiety outside of the interview room you may need to increase your levels of B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium as these are used to make stress hormones and can calm the nervous system.

Please let me know if you'd like more information.

I wish you the best of luck.
Answered by: Nutrition Workshop;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi, I have seen much anxiety like this before. In the last 18 months alot of 'stuff' has built up for a lot of people which has given rise to big fears causing stress and deep-felt anxiety. It sounds like you may when you were made redundant an unconscious fear (perhaps from your parent's own beliefs taught to you when you were young) and a belief that if you put yourself 'out there' it will be all taken away again. That is a pretty deep-seeded fear for many of us. Yes, things like EFT, other current and up-to-date energy shift based therapies are likely to help. Choose someone with a great website, good reputation and someone who has been doing it for a long time and will be sure they will cover everything you need to release - then you can go forth and feel your confient, earthed self again
Answered by: Right For Life Massage & Energy Centre;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi. I am sorry to hear about the nerves and anxiety. Have you considered that the root issue may be - what your mind is telling you (what you think and believe) is causing you to go blank and freeze up in interviews. That is what you believe and think causes certain emotions and feelings (anxiety/nerves) and then behaviours (mind blank). With NLP (neuro lingustic programming) we can work with clients to change thought/belief patterns to more useful ones in order to get better results - in your case a permanent job.
No doubt the stress response causing a fuzzy brain is kicking in but by working on mind and body I am sure you will achieve your goals much easier. Check out my website on the NLP page to find out more about how it works. Best wishes and good luck Sheena Hendon
Answered by: sheena hendon health;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hello. I hear that this is really disconcerting for you. If anxiety has been an underlying theme in your life then I suggest a combination approach of counselling (or something like EFT) plus herbal &/or nutritional medicine. However if this is something new and unusual for you, then it indicates a possible nutrient deficiency. In either case a full consultation would look at you from a holistic perspective and together we would plan a way forward.
Hope this is helpful.
Kind regards
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi there, I would suggest and recommend that you find a wellness practitioner that you feel comfortable with so that you can find the cause/s behind your current health issues to work towards finding solutions and putting strategies in place to assist you. At Beyond Health we have a "tool box" of treatments and therapies that would be able to assist you. If you would like to find out more you can telephone our clinic on 09 414 4960 we are located in Albany Auckland
Answered by: BEYOND HEALTH;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Anxiety has many source. It is important to assess why you have this "panic attack". Losing a job, relationship, trauma, grieving....can play tricks on us. Because it can bring back fears/insecurities that were buried since childhood (fear of not being good enough for Mum or Dad, fear of not being able to succeed at exams, fear of not being popular at school, fear of not looking good enough to get a girl friend...). The answer to your problem is to know what is the source of these feelings. Being In Color cards can assist you is doing such a sole searching, quite painlessly.
Looking at the physical symptoms:
Have you tried to drink chamomile tea? It is a very good nervine, thus calming your whole nervous system.
Bowen therapy can assist you in calming every system in your body and give back your self confidence.
Nutri puncture can assist at the cellular level, by nourishing the weakened meridians.
You are you own healer, subconsciously you know that you have the answer to your problem. It is just a matter of finding ways to assist you to get you back to your normal-self.
Answered by: Holistic Health Therapies Ltd - Hamilton;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A EFT is great, also acupuncture. I have had great success with people with anxiety and stress disorders. I also prescribe Chinese Herbal medicines to assist the process. Visit an acupuncturist in your area.
Answered by: Aroha Acupuncture;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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A Hi there. Have you tried EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques? In my experience this is by far the quickest, easiest and safest way to deal with emotional issues like this anxiety you're feeling. There are several ways you can access EFT for no cost: on YouTube; at; Google it. I do suggest you try it for yourself first. If you find it 'doesn't work', I suggest you get help. There are several practitioners who offer EFT in their practice though it is important to find someone who is experienced at getting to the core of issues. I get excellent results using in in my coaching practice and can work with you on skype from anywhere, if that suits. Email me at if you'd like to book a time.
Answered by: Your Essential Wellbeing;
Answered on: 05-04-2013;
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