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Q I have a problem with my left leg and foot swelling up. My right foot is fine. I have severe bursitis in my right hip but that does not affect my left leg. Have been told nothing can be done about bursitis.

A Hi there
we can assist the drainage and bursitis problem with Bowen therapy, which is a gentle soft tissue modality that resets and rebalances your body. for more information and a professional practitioner in your area go to

All the Best!
Inga von Benzon
Answered by: Holistic Health Naturopathic Clinic;
Answered on: 16-02-2014;
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A Hi there.
Bursitis is an inflammatory condition, which may be aggravated by certain postures or physical activity. Seeing an osteopath may help to create more space in the joint (by working on the muscles around that hip). I also recommend natural or herbal anti-inflammatory agents to support healing.
With regards to your left leg - this sounds like it could be a lymphatic drainage problem - if it is, then specialised lymphatic massage will be useful to alleviate the symptoms.
As to why either condition has arisen (and therefore working on resolving the underlying cause) would require an in-depth consultation and physical assessment.
Kind regards
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 15-02-2014;
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A Hello, I believe that there is always something that can be done, and my own son had bursitis some years ago and it was sorted, so with that and the problem with your left leg it is hard to say what homeopathic would be needed without some background information, which you haven't given here. If you wish to think about homeopathic treatment I am happy to give you a free fifteen minute discussion to see if you wish to go ahead with homeopathic treatment with me, if you live in Auckland. You can ring me on 4279 279 to discuss, Mary
Answered by: Mary Tonner Consulting;
Answered on: 15-02-2014;
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