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Q My left foot and ankle swell up but night my right.I exercise as much as possible but I have severe bursitis with my right hip. Could they be connected?

A From what I get from your introduction, I think its a disorder of your body's water metabolism.The water can only be used by our body when it is properly processed. The Chi ( or energy, or heat in other words ) is palying an important role in evaporating water and distributing water to nourish the whole body. Oherwise, the unprocessed water would be accumulated anywhere in the body, such as limbs, joints,even lung, heart,stomach, intestine, etc. The problems not only as swelling, could be joint pain, stomachache,cough, diziness,heart palpitation etc.
If you doing exercise in a wrong time, you may loose your energy than you gain from the exercise itself,that would be for sure not good for the processing of the water in your body.Also, if you drink water in a wrong way, that is also could cause some disorder in water metabolism.
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A Hi - all of the advice you have had so far is great, however, you have yet to have a definitive diagnosis from which an appropriate treatment plan can be created. Bursitis is a commonly overused diagnosis and may, or may not be accurate. You are welcome to contact me for a consultation wherein I can help you to determine the underlying cause of the problem and then address the cause, rather than just chasing the symptoms. If you go to my website, you can find out how to schedule to see me as a new patient for consultaiton, or simply sign up for a "Discovery Session". This is a brief 15 min consultation that we offer for no charge so that you can meet me, allow me to take a brief history and exam to see if you are a good candidate for the care I offer as a Wholistic Chiropractor. On the website you will also be able to get acquainted with my professional qualifications and see how our clinic functions as an integrated wellness centre. Whether Chiropractic is what you need, or Acupuncture, or Massage, or Rehab - we can offer these any or all of these services. I wish you all the best and hope you find a solution.
Dr. Cherye Roche
Chiropractic Doctor
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Answered on: 16-02-2014;
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