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Q what are the points for height gain for 10 yr old girl and low self esteem

A I would suggest that the height issue would be harder to fix, but the emotions around being 'vertically challenged' may be worth focusing on.
I would celebrate it. Help her to see that it makes her special. Focus on all the things that make her special. There are some amazing historical figures who were compact in stature.
My mother used to tell me "Your body is your temple" It's not the height of a temple that matters, but what's on the inside.

Please tell her this from me - 'Sometimes when the Universe makes us, they have to choose where they put their focus. On her they had to choose, 'we can either make her Beautiful, Powerful and Supremely Awesome..... Or tall" I think They made the right choice. :-) '

Happy to help if we can. I think we can help but would suggest that it may be nicer to teach you skills to help her.
Good Luck.
Answered by: Wisdom Traders;
Answered on: 23-10-2014;
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A Thank you for your question. Your daughter is still young, neither her lack in confidence nor her height is already fully developed. Usually girls have another growth spurt before they are entering puberty, which means around 12-13 year. Women are not fully grown until they are 18. And confidence is build around praise, achievements, and giving her opportunities to shine. Again, kids have a growth and development phase of the prefrontal cortex during age 15-18 and 20-23. During these phases strong stabilization of character amongst other important brain functions are formed.
I would suggest that you support your daughter in her healthy development with love, nutritious food, and a nourishing environment instead of looking for miraculous points that don't really exist.
Answered by: Angelique Healing;
Answered on: 06-09-2014;
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