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Submitted on: 29-11-2014; Answers: 2; Tagged under: Allergies       ✘ Report abuse
Q Hi this morning i had one biscuit( belvita ) and cup of tea , egg omellete after that i feel dizzy and vomiting it get worst like flu and rashes on my body is it allergy or which test i need ? please help me what i need to do

A Hi. It does sound as if you have an allergy or a severe intolerance. The test I do, Hair Analysis, will pick up both allergies and intolerances. I need a sample of hair, which can be sent to me if you do not live in Auckland and I will then email the results, with suggestions for alternatives to the things you need to avoid. I test for all foods, food additives and a number of environmental triggers as well.
Kind regards,
Pam Sims, naturopath.
Answered by: Pam Sims Naturopath & Medical Herbalist;
Answered on: 02-12-2014;
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A Hi there. That sounds like a very unpleasant experience. While there are a number of potential allergens in what you report eating prior to vomiting it cannot be automatically assumed that one or any of those foods were the problem. To pin it down and decide "what next" I'd need to have a conversation with you. Ideally this would be in clinic. But if you're not in Auckland this can also be done via Skype.
Kind regards,Sharon
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 29-11-2014;
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