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Q I have 1 swollen foot been checked by a Doctor, has no infection under football pad and on top toes , joint and beneath joint on top of foot. How can Bowen treatment help.?

A Fascial Kinetics is a Bowen therapy which looks at the connective tissues or fascia of the body. Often there is a postural or over-use problem associated with foot inflammation and pain. After assessing I would use Bowen therapy, massage techniques and lymph drainage to relieve this condition.
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Barry Vautier BHS
Answered by: Ripple Ora Massage;
Answered on: 12-03-2015;
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A Hi - not sure if Bowen can help as I am not a Bowen Therapist. However, inflammation and pain in the absence of infection or frank trauma indicates an overuse syndrome. This is usually due to faulty biomechanics in relation to a particular activity or your intrinsic foot / joint mechanics. I can assess this using GaitScan to look at the dynamics of how your foot is moving, and then make recommendations for treatemt. Have a look at
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Dr. Cherye Roche
Answered by: The Gait Doctor;
Answered on: 11-03-2015;
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