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Submitted on: 07-04-2015; Answers: 0; Tagged under: Cranial Osteopathy Pregnancy       ✘ Report abuse
Q Hi, my last pregnancy and birth experience was very traumatic. I wanted to find out more about whether cranial osteopathy could make things better for me next time. I had very severe and debilitating hyperemesis throughout my pregnancy, hip problems, a post nasal drip and severe swelling (pitting odema). My baby got stuck and we had a long and traumatic delivery, he had some problems feeding and was very unhappy for a while. I went to a cranial osteopath for him and it helped and then for myself where it turned out my body had stalled recovery five days after giving birth and I was still terribly swollen three months later. I wanted to know whether cranial osteopathy could help with hyperemesis in particular, as alternative therapies usually have no effect on it unlike normal morning sickness and the drugs only keep the vomiting at bay and don't necessarily alleviate the constant nausea. Thank you for your help.

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