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Q I work with an Asperger's sufferer who urgently needs help with anger management, concentration & positivity, in the Manawatu region where can we get help?

A The Alexander Technique is a powerful way to release the automatic responses people use with anger, stress and the ability to focus on a better way to respond. Releasing fear in the process.
The very experienced Alexander practitioner in Palmerston North is:
Carol O'Dea
3D Maddison Apartments
6 Queen Street
Palmerston North
Phone: (06) 357 6996
Mobile: 021 139 9202
Wishing all the very best
Jann McMichael
Answered by: Alexander Technique Centre - Jann McMichael;
Answered on: 22-07-2015;
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A I teach 'Super Brain Yoga' a two minute exercise to co-ordinate the brain cells which helps tremendously with concentration and clarity, so easy to learn and do. I would be happy to teach this and also work with pranic healing which has amazing results with Asperger's. If you are able to connect with skype I am happy to talk further with you and demonstrate the yogic exercise. My skype is faye.taylor4321. You can connect with me via email at More information about my healing is on my website: All the very best. Faye
Answered by: Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies;
Answered on: 16-07-2015;
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A Annette Burrell in Upper Hutt is a very experienced Practitioner you will find her contact details in look under the region of Australia and New Zealand
Answered by: Harmony hours Retreat;
Answered on: 16-07-2015;
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