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Would any of the following questions relate to your present situation?
      Why do Doctors, Specialists and others work with Pranic Techniques? 
Pranic Healing Applications is a very comprehensive system addressing many areas of health and well-being and helps with many aspects of life    

   Do you choose??

  • To be pain free and lead a normal active lifestyle?
  • To have a better life?
  • To have fulfilment and greater happiness?
  • To not be stagnant, frustrated, held back with decision making?
  • To not feel stressed and have anxiety?
  • To make headway with your business, career, financial status?
  • To find the right relationship partner? Improve your performance in sports?
  • To have the benefits of personal power?
  • To develop your spiritual path?  

 Natural Therapist, Mastery in Healing - Faye Taylor
Faye Taylor, Pranic Healer in Hamilton

My intention and focus is to help people with health and problem issues to achieve a better life for themselves. I work from the heart helping you overcome the areas that are preventing you from moving forward.

As a Natural Health Practitioner working on all aspects of the body, mind and spirit, fears, emotions, health concerns, relationships, finance, business, pets and more are addressed. Thoughts and feelings play a huge part in a person’s well-being which can influence greatly within the system of the body creating disease or dis-ease. By attending to these the body can heal.

Since 1999 I have worked from home in a quiet friendly atmosphere in a caring passionate way with the holistic approach working on many levels. By working from home I am able to meet the needs of clients in times that suit both parties as it is not always convenient to keep the 9-5 office hours. I also travel away for consultations and work with Skype.

A full consultation takes place on the first visit and the appropriate therapy is then applied ensuring the best healing.


Conditions Assisted The Natural Way
Disease and ailments are listed below, if yours is not on the list please contact me and I will endeavour to help.

Cancers – Breast, Prostate, Tumours, Melanomas, Leukaemia, Lung, Bowel, Colon, Brain, Eye,and more
Ears – Infections, Deafness, Eardrums, Glue Ear, Tinnitus, Vertigo,
Eyes – Glaucoma, Floaters, Cataracts, Styes, Infections
Gastrointestinal – Digestive Difficulties, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Nausea, Ulcers, Haemorrhoid’s, Hernia, Cholesterol, Appendicitis, Pancreatitis, Gallstones, Hepatitis, Stomach Pains
Heart – Coronary Artery Disease, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Congenital, Hyper/Hypo Tension, Strokes,
Muscular – Scoliosis, Sciatica, Back Pains, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Neck, Shoulders, Lupus, Cramps, Sprains, Tendons, Dislocations, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Reproductive – Menstruation/Period Problems, Ovarian Cysts, Prolapsed Uterus, Sexual Impotence, Sterility,
Respiratory – Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Pneumonia, Pleurisy, TB, Emphysema, Hiccups
Skin – Eczema, Wounds, Cuts, Burns, Dermatitis, Acne, Boils, Allergies, Psoriasis, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox
Urinary – Kidney Infections/Stones, Kidney Regenerating, Prostate
Others – Infertility, PMS, ADD, Migraines, Headaches, Diabetes, Hyper/Hypo Thyroidism, Anaemia, Cysts, Parkinson’s, Varicose Veins, Hair Loss, Meningitis, Mental Retardation, Toothache, Depression, Phobias, Fears, Stress, Anxiety, Traumas, Addictions, Ulcers.

Discover The Power of Pranic Healing

My work also includes tummy and hip tucks, bust lifts, face lifts, weight issues, sports enhancements, food allergies, food enhancing, helping with real estate deals, business and financial restoration, enriching relationships, house clearings, making restaurants popular, feng-shui and much more

TESTIMONIAL from Facebook

September 29, 2011

Anyone wanting to learn an amazing technology contact: Faye at Rainbow Mountain Therapies.  I have been healing for many years but this modality truly is amazing. Better yet you do not need to be a healer or even spirituality inclined, Our bodies were made to heal itself, we can heal ourselves...contact Faye for up coming courses     Atma Namaste  - Annie Donald

 Client Testimonials

"My sore hands and arms feel relieved and pain free from a healing, having suffered for some time with this - amazing!" - Briar Gilbert

"This was the most amazing intense healing I have ever experienced. My body got intensely hot as I felt the deep seated emotions of grief, anger, resentment and hurt being stirred up and gradually released. Feel that the healing has taken my modalities of reiki and body talk to a much deeper level when working with the client."  - Dianne Udy

"With the help of a few pranic healing sessions I was able to control my hay fever/sinus symptoms and mild asthma without medicine, and monthly periods have returned to a more manageable duration and flow. I feel like I have my life back". MA
Thank you Faye for what you did for my daughter, I could notice the difference in her as soon as you finished working on her. She improved dramatically within the first 24 hours (from a child who wasn't eating or drinking and hadn't for 4 days) to a bouncy chirpy singing happy girl. Her appetite has improved too. She has gone from a nibbler to some one who can't get enough to eat. Her toilet training is now on track and most days she is dry, whereas she continually wet up to 8 times a day. My knee is wonderful to, free of pain. Once again thank you very much for your healing. Karen McC

"You worked on the eczema on my face and gave me a pranic healing, you are Wonder Woman!! My face has been clear ever since and the skin over my whole body has improved beyond belief. From 42 years of chronic eczema to none at all-I still can't believe it is my own skin I wear. Thank you so very much, you are a wonderful healer." - Marilyn Fearn

"My back is pain free after a healing and I feel very relaxed."  - Howard Roe

"Severe foot and back pain, after a pranic healing both pain free, unbelievable" - Shirley Easton

I have received three amazing healings now from Faye, first was for a migraine, second for a bad toothache which prevented me from eating and third for a severe left knee pain. All healings were achieved within 10 minutes. I would highly recommend her and now visit Faye instead of going to a Doctor or Dentist. - Anqi Li

"I had a pain in my shoulder that would come and go, quite painful at times. With only one appointment not several as I thought would be the case the shoulder is fine and pain never returned. Thankyou."- Keith  

Pranic Application Testimonials

Pranic Applications 1 Testimonials:

Great course, great weekend with great people!! Learnt so much, can’t wait to start using it on myself, friends and family Faye is a great teacher! “Thank you”.

Everything I hope for! A most enjoyable weekend. Meet some very nice people. I feel blessed and thankful I was able to attend. Faye is a wonderful and compassionate teacher, who clearly walks the talk! Thanks, and love.     

This course opened my eyes and myself up to the possibilities of healing, and made me realise that I could heal. The doubts that I had initially are now gone. Faye’s guidance has helped me to see and feel what I could do to help others and myself. I am grateful for this opportunity and feel very humbled that I could participate in this course. Thanks Faye, for opening me up to Pranic Apps, and giving me the confidence to at least heal myself and my family. Would recommend this course to everyone. 

I loved the course. I loved learning about and feeling the energy I held between my hands, knowing that I have the ability to help to heal people who want to be healed. Especially wonderful for me is knowing I can continue to help heal my husband’s brain injury.        

I found the course interesting and really enjoyed the company and teaching method. Look forward to going home to practice.    

The course was informative and had a good mix of practical application and theory. Faye was great with explanations and her teaching and she allowed us to ask plenty of questions. If/when we had them. I thought the structure flowed well and I liked the relaxed atmosphere that the workshop was conducted in. Overall, I was very happy with the workshop.

I have found the pranic application course very good. Very much enjoyed working with Faye, explanations about energy and energy chakras and how it works were clear precise and very enjoyable. Good interaction with teachers and pupils.  

I don’t know where to start, what to write, I am feeling immense energy around me that’s full of love. Faye’s teaching style is amazing. She made the course very enjoyable and by the end of our second day I am feeling a little package of confident energy. I can’t thank Faye enough for whatever she has done for me and my family as a healer, but now as my teacher she has requiped me with best ways to move forward. Thanks, and love, Faye.        

It was a great experience. It makes more sense after putting into practice all the techniques. I loved hearing Faye’s experiences and stories. I can’t wait to put everything into practice. It’s a very powerful tool which more people should learn, especially about self-healing.   

To have someone like Faye break everything down in digestible steps was amazing. It’s helping me to slow down and understand myself so that I can then act in an aligned way and achieve one of my main goals which is to love myself, and gift that to my children and husband and community. Very relaxed environment which helped me to learn even easier. Faye is kind, generous and keeps things simple with a touch of humour.

I’m more awake and aware of pranic healing applications and my ability to help heal people. I think everyone should do this course. With more people doing this course the world be a better place. Love to everyone. And thank you very much Faye for your teachings, I feel awesome.   

Thank you for giving me a tool to help my patients at the clinic and also myself for a better vibrational level. This course was what I needed to go to another level of healing. I will do a next course when I will be ready. Thank you, Faye to be the channel. God bless you with love.

Very welcoming a warm a relaxed atmosphere in a nice environment at home. Lots of good information and Faye is encouraging asking questions which I like to do! Faye is encouraging during the energy practises, but is still disciplined which is a good way to learn faster. All in all, a great weekend and I feel a lightness and clarity in me that wasn’t there before.

I was drawn to this course but unsure of why and what pranic healing applications was. I have learnt over the last couple of days to trust myself and allow myself to embrace the practice. Have met wonderful people and Faye is a wonderful teacher. I would like to use pranic healing application techniques going forward to re-balance and harmonise my life and those around me.  

This course has been a breath of fresh air it all makes so much sense and the techniques are easy to apply immediately. It will definitely be a part of my life going forwards. Very happy I came.     

Amazing weekend of learning, timely for me and with lovely likeminded people. Faye created a safe and comfortable environment and there was no pressure to be able to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ everything straight away. I feel excited and empowered to better look after myself and those around me, with ongoing practise and an increase in confidence with the techniques I feel I will be able to help my friends and others in the near future. Really pleased I invested in myself to come and do this course.

This course is an absolute must for everyone. Knowing nothing about Pranic Healing Applications, I have come away with a toolbox not only for my own healing but going forward to help others. Thankyou Faye, you are truly a blessing.   

Thank you for such an informative and well-structured course. Faye explained and demonstrated every step and everything beautifully and with such passion. I have learnt a lot and understood more than I was expecting to. I am leaving with an understanding of pranic healing applications and am excited to watch myself and my confidence grow with practise, love and light. I’m looking forward to deepening my understanding of the applications. Thank you again.     

This course has been very beneficial for me as well as the whole group. It was very well presented. I have learnt a lot. The course has now enabled me to perform the healing process with confidence. I, with confidence can say that Faye has a very special talent and ability to teach in the area of pranic healing applications. 

Pranic Applications 2 Testimonials:

Faye is a fantastic teacher and great person. The world needs many more people like her. It was a privilege to be taught by someone who thoroughly knows her material and uses great examples and practical methods to demonstrate her comprehensive knowledge. I will be back for more.     

I have the power: I can heal me, you anyone and anything. This is what I have learned a received on this second course. I am very excited to be able to take this home and start helping family and friends. This course is taught with a great deal of love and respect and Faye makes it fun as well. Thank you for your hospitality and teaching.     

Another excellent course has taken me to the next level, definitely feeling more confident and so more aware. So great bringing the colours into our healings added a whole other level. Looking forward to level 3. Thank you, Faye. 

Thank you, Faye. It was awesome to be here this weekend. Everything I learnt will be put to practice and doing this course helped me lots. I feel I am a lot calmer and it’s becoming a life style for me and my family. Thank you Thank you Thank you Faye.  

This course has been amazing, enriching, enlivening and simplifying all that we took from Apps 1. I am definitely excited to use the techniques for others and in my own life. MAGIC.   

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I learnt heaps, new techniques, new ways of looking at everything. Today I am thinking why I waited 1 year to come back and do the application level 2 course, but here I am today. I am hopeful to come back again for the next level and I am hoping this time I won’t take a year. See you soon for the next level and thank you for the amazing work that you have been doing Faye to this planet earth.   

Additional information to add to the Apps1 course. Having practical experience is so important for me to learn. Repetition of information to consolidate the learning is so helpful. Calm and gentle guidance.

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