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Q I am always so tired. My bowels are loose going frequently during the day. Always feeling very sick. My food intake is down. If I don't have loose bowels then I'm feeling very sick with stomach pain and slight constipation. I also suffer with kidney stones and the occasional attack of colic.

A I am a pranic healer and teacher and we have a protocol for kidney stones which is applied without touching the body and has been very effective. Your symptons explained in your query are an imbalance within the body and blockages which need to be removed and addressed. I have a practice in Hamilton but do work with skype sessions around the world. I also run classes to teach folk how to care for their own bodies details of these and more about what I do can be found on the wellness website under I would be happy to talk further if you care to give me a call or email. My email is: Warm Regards, Faye.
Answered by: Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies;
Answered on: 27-07-2015;
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A Hi there, I would also recommend seeing your GP asap for a thorough investigation into these bowel symptoms. They may find you have a food intolerance (in which case a Naturopath should be able to help you) but you also need to rule out other issues like Coeliac and Crohns Disease etc.
Answered by: Shore Reflexology;
Answered on: 24-07-2015;
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A Hi there, your symptoms are typical of a partial bowel obstruction and I would advise you see your GP asap for thorough examination.
Answered by: Body Bliss;
Answered on: 23-07-2015;
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