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Q I am in desperate need of some help before I destroy my own life, please! I feel like I am going crazy... I am struggling big time. I'm pretty sure I have some kind of hormone imbalance.. I have a history with period issues. I'm currently 23. My mother had breast cancer in her early 20's, so the doctors put me on Cerazette to help control my periods and the pain I used to get. This worked a treat. I have been off this a year now, the whole time having unprotected sex and not falling pregnant. I eat well, live in the country and exercise regularly. I go to bed at 9 - 9.30pm each night. Some of my symptoms include: Headaches, Irritability, Extreme Tiredness, Muscle Soreness, Aching and Cramping, Anger, Aggression, Nausea, Abdominal Pain (just inside hip bones), Lower Back Pain, More Nausea, Aching Neck, Frustration, Snapping At Nothing, The list goes on... My partner says it's like I'm two different people at times, and to be honest it's only getting worse. My GP has done Hormone Tests (Blood) and said they are "All Within Normal Range". Which is all I ever get. I'm so tired, sore and frustrated and feel like I'm going to push everyone close to me away as apparently there is "Nothing Wrong With Me". Any Help / Advice etc more than welcome!!

A Hi.
I hear your frustration and desperation. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you) problems very similar to what you are experiencing is quite common. And often misdiagnosed.

There is a complex interaction between hormones and brain chemistry - it only takes for one of them to be "out" to wreak havoc such as what you experience. It is very common for a woman's hormones to be blamed for the problem but this is not always the issue (hence your "normal" test results).

Your family history of breast cancer also indicates a possible problem in a process in the body that clears both oestrogen and some neurotransmitters (brain chemicals).
I'm not sure where in the country you are, but you are most welcome to contact my clinic (09 8465566) - if I can't see you, I may be able to recommend a suitably experienced practitioner near you.

Kind regards
Sharon Erdrich (MHSc, ND, DipMH, NZRN).
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Answered on: 24-11-2015;
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A Hi. I'm Pam Sims, a naturopath and herbalist with almost thirty years' experience of treating hormonal problems. You are not unusual! Many women suffer these problems which are usually resolved quite quickly.
I live in the Auckland area, but I can refer you to others elsewhere if this is not convenient for you.
My email address is, phone (09) 534 6235
Answered by: Pam Sims Naturopath & Medical Herbalist;
Answered on: 22-11-2015;
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A Hello and thank you for your question. Your symptoms all sound like those of chronic long-term food intolerance which drives inflammation (and autoimmunity) throughout the body, which then leads to the symptoms you describe. I'm a Naturopath and my business Upbeat Health is the NZ distributor for the range of products from Biohawk Foundation, developed by Dr Clifford Hawkins in Brisbane. Your timing is very good as these products have only been available in NZ for 2 months. The recommendation is a process called Treat Your Food - Treat Yourself and the results across a wide range of symptoms and diseases it is quite amazing. You can go to the website and find the Biohawk and Info tabs for more information, or, or Google Biohawk to find people talking about their success stories, and then please give me a call to discuss further 075494510 Food Intolerance and the autoimmune activation it causes can be responsible for annovulation, endometriosis, disrupted periods, failure to conceive, increased pre-term deliveries, failure of baby to latch on to the breast and reduced duration of lactation. I look forward to speaking with you, kind wish, Jenny
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Answered on: 21-11-2015;
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