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Q Muscle Knots. For 18 months. Sting and sore. Awaken each night 3-7 times. Roll on golf ball or hockey ball, apply magnesium oil. Mag oil helps, but overall no improvement. 3 physios, no good. Back roller, me on lying on it and roll. Would not get job. Could you improve this?

A Hi There, You might like to try Remedial / Treatment Massage utilizing Triggerpoint and Myofascial Release techniques, initially once-a-week until symptoms improve. Combine with gentle stretching exercises. Address any postural issues. Pay attention to: your stress, anxiety levels; Vitamin, Minerals and Water intake. Apply the Magnesium Oil at bedtime as well as during the day. Also rub it on the soles of your feet. I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact Bharti at Massage for Good Health ph 04 299 2513 or Mb 021 105 6513 if you require further information.
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Answered on: 08-12-2015;
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A Hi. It sounds like it might be muscular if you would like to discuss further please contact maintain Massage Therapy
Trigger point and MyoFascial Massage Treatment helps with the chronic pain pattern you maybe suffering or 0212748890. You can also book direct ONLINE
Answered by: Maintain Massage Therapy - Auckland;
Answered on: 04-12-2015;
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