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Q My partner has been suffering from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome for 10 years. For this period she has been using pain suppressants and also has prescribed morphine when the pain is excruciating. Her pain is often debilitating and the suppressants do not always have the desired effect.Taking pharmaceutical products, in my opinion, is not the solution and possibly a step towards future problems. I read a little about Rolfing and the work of Ida Rolf, and wondered if the practice has had success with CRPS. Her pain is in her legs and buttocks. My partner is skeptical of alternative healing having been to a number of different practitioners, but will consider treatment if there is proven results. As you can imagine her condition affects those close to her as well. I want to provide her with information and a possibility of being healed. I look froward to your response. Robert V

A Hi Robert,

Firstly aren't you a lovely and caring partner - I would love to help though I do not do Rolfing. I have treated people of different types of pain syndromes using Biomagnetic Pair technique with positive results - sometimes transformational.

You can see more information on or call me directly on 0800 202 606.

Kind regards,

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