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Q Hi there, I have suffered migraines for the past nearly 30 years. I have kept diaries over those years and for the most part anyway, I get migraines every 2 week for 3 days. I have thought hormonal because of this. I had a hysterectomy for endometriosis 30 years, so coincides. I have stopped all gluten and only have dairy (tsp of cream) in one cup of coffee a day. I hardly eat any refined sugar anymore & no choc or cheese and my husband and I eat mostly organic and free range. Nothing in tins either and are very particular in reading all labels. We are adverse to all things soy unless it is a fermented and then only little. We supplement with Vit & minerals but I continue to get these HORRIBLE debilitating migraines which make me go both ends. I detest having to take the Sumatriptan which I have now for that long and now of course it is taking longer to take effect. I have even tried not taking it for 2 months in a row and had to take time off work each time as I was unable to function. I can't afford to keep doing this. It is so very much affecting my life and getting me down now. I usually have a great pain tolerance everyone tells me but it is now just totally unacceptable. I have tried Cranio-sacral, (for over 2 years), Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Massage, Reiki (lovely), Physio (totally useless), Pilates (popped L3/4 disc), breathing techniques (maybe not mastered that one), Bowen, Accupuncture, Chiropratic, Cupping, detox, had amalgams removed, oh and Neurolink. So if there is something I haven't done and you think you can help, I would so very much love to hear from you. Thanks BC

A Hi there,

You have really tried it all and Im sorry you're still suffering. Have you looked into Biomagnetic Pair technique? I have had good results with people suffering from chronic conditions such as hormonal migraines - feel free to call me on 0800 202 606 or see more info on the website directly on

Yours in Health,

Biomagnetic Pair Practitioner
Answered by: Medical Biomagnetism NZ;
Answered on: 13-08-2016;
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