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Q Hi there. I have a couple of issues. Firstly I eat a mostly paleo diet and am a mother of two young children. Every since being pregnant with my 2nd now 8 months I have been getting so hot at night and sweating, it's horrible. I also have tennis elbow which I can't seem to shake and little bumps on my upper arms which I've never had before not to mention the acne on my forehead. Yes I'm tired all the time but I think that's more my two kids waking during the night. Oh and I always seem to be low in iron. Can a NTP help me?

A Hi there. That's not good - you're supposed to be glowing at this life phase :-/
Couple of things: a Paleo diet tends to be high in meat which is pro-inflammatory - this could be aggravating some of your problems. But the sentinel signs are the skin issues along with chronically low iron. These suggest that not all is well in your digestive system (though it's quite likely that your digestion feels better for the Paleo diet??). Have a look at You might find this is a match for what is going on for you.
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Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 04-04-2017;
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