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Q Hello My father who is 90 years of age is loosing his sight due to macular degeneration .He has peripheral vision now left and having injections to hasten the disease. Now he is almost bed ridden with shingles and given anti depressants etc to ease the pain.He lives in Geraldine South island .What can you advise and who should or can be contacted to discuss this with .

A Hello Daughter of 90 year old. Ozone is recognised as the most effective therapy for macular degeneration (works best on the dry form but useful even on the wet form. As for the shingles ozone therapy would be your best bet. Since there are no ozone therapists that I know of in the south island, a trip to the north island would be required.
There may be other solutions for you if you would like to call. My number is 09-432-0854

My Best Regards,
Dr.Wayne McCarthy ND
Naturopathic Physician
Specialist in Russian Medical Ozone Therapies
Answered by: Northland Environmental Health Clinic;
Answered on: 01-05-2017;
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