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Ozone Therapy Technique Factfile

What Exactly Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone stimulates circulation, improves brain function and memory, purifies blood and lymphatic system, reduces inflammation, and reduces pain. Ozone is a powerful therapeutic tool for optimizing health. Regular use of ozone can provide high levels of immunity from most common diseases. Such causes of degenerative diseases as hypoxia, or oxygen starvation at the cellular level can be eliminated by the regular use of ozone.

What might it do for you? Essentially ozone restores oxygen saturation to the body’s tissues. With any form of illness the oxygen levels drop and if they get depressed 40% below normal cancer is encouraged to grow. Low oxygen signals fatigue, usually becoming chronic. The oxidative (Life Force) power of the body is reduced and metabolism goes down to a less efficient level. Conversely, when the oxygen saturation is returned to normal there is a strong chance of recovery of normal physiological function i.e.: A return to better health.

Ozone therapy is unsurpassed as a method of oxygenation and is a cousin of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Six treatments are required to get the ozone effect but then since your metabolism is improved the resulting benefits are very long lasting.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy:

• Kills bacteria, viruses and fungies

• Stimulates circulation

• Stimulates immune system

• Improves brain function and memory

• Purifies blood and lymph

• Reduce inflammation; reduce pain

Topical Ozone Applications

1. Breathing of ozone can help with gingival, mucosal and  tonsillary problems.

Ozone is used to help with respiratory infections and ear infections. Ozone applied through nose or ears through the silicone tubing.

2. Ozone directly applied on the skin regarding all kinds of infections (from soreness to diabetic ulcers, insects and jellyfish stings and burns). Ozone used to promote wound healing. Ozone applied through bags or cups directly on the point of injury or infection.

3. Ozone can help with chronic rectal and vaginal infections (bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan).  Used for anal and rectal abscesses, fistulas, proctitis, bacterial and ulcerative cholitis, Chrohn’s disease and chronic B and C hépatites. Ozone is insufflated through the catheter for a few minutes. For better result the enema is recommended 1 or 2 hours prior the treatment.



It is wise to carry out some research and select a practitioner who is either a member of, or accredited by, an association or professional body such as  Ozone Practitioners:
Physicians with the medical insignia beside their name have attended the Ozone Therapy Certification Course taught by Dr. Frank Shallenberger. Dr. Shallenberger has been teaching this Ozone Therapy Course for over 18 years to physicians and practitioners from around the world. This course is the most comprehensive ozone course offered in the world, and the only accredited Ozone Therapy Course in North America. The course is certified by the AAO - American Academy of Ozonotherapy.

If you wish to learn more about the American Academy of Ozonotherapy please click here: AAO practitioners are obligated to a code of ethics and procedure that determines the therapy is carried out in a suitable and safe environment.  These regulations also guarantee a specialist who has undergone certifiable training and receives professional upskilling.

The Wellness Directory provides a ready-made referral list of certified practitioners within your region.  We fully encourage you to do some independent research by checking out individual credentials, i.e. experience, training, qualifications, relevant client feedback and so forth.

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