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Submitted on: 19-06-2017; Answers: 1; Tagged under: ADHD       ✘ Report abuse
Q I am desperate looking for a profesional doctor who would be able to diagnostic a 20yr ADD, at the Hamilton City, as he GP has not been any help at all. Thanks a lot.

A Hi there.
A formal diagnosis of ADD/AHDH is usually made by a psychiatrist. You could call the ADHD association: (09) 625 1754
Or you can self-refer for assessment to Dr Jane O'Dwyer - Phone 07 839 4396. Beale St, Hamilton
OR Dr Armand de Beer Phone 07 853 8995, Chartwell

If you would like support from a registered naturopath you can email
All the best.
Answered by: House of Health Ltd; Answered on: 20-06-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
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