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Q i am trying to find out if my daughter has allergies as gets a lot of stomach problems, acne and bowel problems. wanting to know how or who can do tests for allergies or intolerances in Taranaki/Wanganui/Manawatu area. Not really keen on hair tests as been told not very accurate. Look forward to hearing from u ASAP.

A Hello again,

Further to my previous email... I've made contact with the Kinesiologist in New Plymouth and she is happy to speak to you about your daughter.

Gayleen West
021 052 9389

Judith Paterson
Answered by: Positive Life Balance;
Answered on: 22-04-2018;
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A Hi there,

I've had your question regarding food intolerances forwarded to me.

I'm also not totally comfortable about hair tests as it appears that you will receive different results depending on where the hair samples are sent.

Unfortunately I am based in Auckland. I have been using Kinesiology (Muscle Response) testing for food intolerances for 20years and am still thrilled with the results.

I have put a call out to a Kinesiologist I know in your area but am not sure whether she's still based there or has moved.

Please feel free to check out my website... particularly this page and, if you wish, please contact me. I'm happy to have a chat.

I recently received this email from a very happy client. It may give you confidence in the results following Muscle Response (Kinesiology) testing.
Hi Judith,
Things really have been pretty fascinating in the 2 weeks since Xanthe & I visited you.
The change in her is remarkable and something I really never thought possible in such a short time. Firstly, her tummy pains & nausea have completely gone. Perhaps though the most significant thing is the change in her behaviour.
Looking back now, I know things were pretty bad, she was pretty much in a state of 'meltdown' 90% of the time. I feel awful that she was obviously struggling for so long with her emotions and over-tiredness but moving forward I'm glad she is now feeling so much better which is in turn having a positive effect on our whole household.
The flower remedies she needed all made complete sense to me afterwards except the 'rebelling against authority' one. It took me about a week to have a 'how fascinating' moment & realise that as it was actually me that was the authority she was rebelling against!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and helping my little girl to 'heal' I look forward to your recommendations as far as follow up some time in the future.
Kind Regards

Warmest wishes,

Judith Paterson
Answered by: Positive Life Balance;
Answered on: 21-04-2018;
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