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Submitted on: 17-10-2012; Answers: 1; Tagged under: Podiatry Calluses       ✘ Report abuse
Q How do you get rid of a corn on the ball of my foot

A HI there
I realise this is a somewhat long delay since you asked your question, but I happened to be browsing the unanswered questions...

Without more information from you, I would consider a Feldenkrais Method approach, as you may need some delicate "reprogramming" of your gait to spread the pressure/load on that part of your foot.The pattern is likely to involve your spine and neck, so just grinding off the corn or trying to walk differently is unlikely to give long term change. If there is an injury involved (you say only one foot, so its not a symmetrical issue?) then ConTact C.A.R.E specialises in unhooking impact injury - especially very old ones - and could free you up to walk more efficiently.

Answered by: Release Body Therapy and NLP Coaching;
Answered on: 12-04-2013;
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