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$5 'Referal' Gift Voucher
$5 'Referal' Gift Voucher
20th Jan 2019 - 30th Dec 2019
For any referrals, a $5 gift voucher is given. The referee will also receive the same discount on the initial consultation. Mention that you found this on the website to receive this offer.
Pure South
Pure South
1st Mar 2017 - 30th Dec 2018
Pure South products are made in NZ are 100% natural and suitable for all skin types. With summer just arriving why not begin your internal cleansing programme today by doing a detox. Ingesting Calcium Bentonite clay on a daily basis will get your intestines and bowel clean and ward of parasites and is very good natural cleanser for the body.
1st Feb 2017 - 30th Dec 2019
Capsules for everyone, everything, everyday that are chemical free, non invasive and no side effects are available to help with many ailments. Free radicals are the first stage of all disease. This anti-antioxidant counters those free radicals. Anti-oxidants are the body's primary 'Seek and Destroy' defence against free radicals by protecting and repairing at a cellular level. Excessive free radical damage results in premature ageing and over 70 degenerative diseases. Mention seeing them on my webpage and receive 10% discount on your first order.
Pranic Treatment Offer
Pranic Treatment Offer
1st Mar 2017 - 15th Dec 2019
For your first appointment, take advantage of a $15 discount for an hour of a pranic healing application treatment or a pranic de-stress for yourself by mentioning you found me on this site at the time of booking. Give Faye a call, email or skype to book a time.
Pranic Healing Apps 2 Workshop
Public event
15th, Jun 2019, 10:00am - 5:30pm
16th, Jun 2019, 10:00am - 5:30pm

Location: Rainbow Mountain Therapies Room

A follow up from Course 1.
Covered in this course:
The understanding and use of working with colour when healing, what colours to use and when they come from
Further knowledge on the 11 major chakras plus minor ones
Protection for oneself
Finance, Relationship and Business Healings
Restaurant Healing and Treating Foods
Real Estate Help, Milk Production Increase
De-Stressing Protocol
Planet Healing of Tsunami, Floods, Storms
Animal and Pet Healings
Farming and Gardening
A very comprehensive workshop covering many areas that will be useful for daily healings, eg. treating burns, bites, stings, bruises immediately without touching using colour
Many testimonials on the website from other students
Register today. Must have passed Apps 1 to register

More information: http://

Pranic Healing Apps 1 Workshop
Public event
24th, Aug 2019, 10:00am - 5:30pm
25th, Aug 2019, 10:00am - 5:30pm

Location: Rainbow Mountain Therapies Room, Hamilton

A comprehensive system of taking care of health and well-being.
Learn in a weekend course how to; feel and experience auric fields that surround the body, clear the stagnant energy surrounding the fields as well as clearing the energy centres within the body that create dis-ease, applying fresh prana to the areas and stabilising it into place.
Valuable breathing, discernment, scanning, releasing techniques are all included in the course.
You will learn about the functions of the 11 major chakras (not 7 as traditionally known), and other ones. Karma, character building, sources of prana, meditations, super brain yoga, self and distant healings, and so much more are taught in a relaxed class situation
Easy to apply from day one for self healing and healing others
Certificated course
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