Midwifery Council of New Zealand

What does the Midwifery Council do?

The Council’s functions, as for all health  authorities, are set out in section 118 of the HPCA Act. The Council must:

• Define the Midwifery Scope(s) of Practice and prescribe the qualifications required of registered midwives
• Accredit midwifery educational institutions and programmes
• Maintain a public Register of midwives who have the required qualifications and are competent and fit to practise
• Issue practising certificates to midwives who maintain their competence
• Establish programmes to assess and promote midwives’ ongoing competence
• Deal with complaints and concerns about midwives’ conduct, competence and health
• Set the midwifery profession’s standards for clinical and cultural competence and ethical conduct
• Promote education and training in midwifery
• Promote public awareness of the Council’s responsibilities

Therapists who are registered under Midwifery Council of New Zealand