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 Lesley Evans
Intuitive Healer & Life Healing Coach

 “My passion is to help people to achieve their full potential in life.
I am an Intuitive Healer, Life Healing Coach and Teacher.
We are energy. When we have blockages in the flow of the energy 
around the body whether they are mental physical emotional or spiritual our body becomes out of balance and creates illness pain & disease.
Using a variety of treatments and products I can locate and assist you 
to eliminate the blockages so you can heal fully and achieve your full potential in life.”



Emotional Freedom Technique

“ Lesley quickly puts you at ease, you feel safe with her relaxed but professional approach. The hypnotic sessions and follow-up tape 
has helped me to relax and get to sleep when feeling stressed and 
over-whelmed with life. My daughter has gained a useful EFT technique to assist her with exam nerves. Lesley has provided a very valuable service for our family which has provided results, and benefited our 
health and wellbeing."
– Jo Paulin


Acutouch Therapy



“I have had cold feet for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they were so cold they would hurt. Then I found Lesley and her magical acutouch and magnets, my husband now comments on my warm feet. I actually went to Lesley for a sprained ankle which was gone in one treatment and bonus of warm feet. I am delighted to be a client of Lesley’s and now have a monthly tune-up to keep my body in balance & harmony."
– Marie

Past Life Regression Workshops

“Just wanted to "thank you" and say how much I enjoyed the 'Past Life Regression' workshop last Friday. The pictures were so clear, probably the best I've experienced. It was amazing!! You have a lovely voice too. One lady I worked with had a voice that was quite distracting which is not good when you're trying hard to pick up threads of a scene. I'd love to work with you again and find out more..... I get the feeling that this could become quite addictive to some people!!."
– Julie





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