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Are You Looking For Solutions For Any Of The Following;

    Stress & Anxiety Relief
    Trauma Relief
    Overcome Fears/ phobias
    Overcome sabotages.
    Overcome Emotional, Mental, Physical issues/blocks
    Pain Relief
    Sleeping problems
    Relationship Issues
    Addictions- Stop smoking/ drinking
    Overcome weight issues

      How Can The Magenta Touch Help & Support You?

       Life Between Lives Regression

      You can revisit experiences you had before your present life time, as a soul without a physical body.
      The spirit world is a place of peace and compassion.
      This can be a fascinating and enriching experience, bringing greater clarity, perceptive and understanding. “AMAZING” 
You might emerge from LBL session with a clearer sense of your life purpose, the learning and development you are here to achieve, the creations you plan to manifest on this earth, and the love and specific benefits you can give to others.
      Trained by Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression, based on Michael Newton research of 30years, author of “Journey of The Souls” and “Destiny of the Souls”.
      Process takes 3 – 4 Hours and up to 6.


      Free the power of the mind.
Stressed? Overweight? Anxieties, Phobias, Fears? Relationship Problems? Depression? Need Motivation? Past Life Regression?
These are just a few of the issues that Hypnotherapy can help you with.

      Acutouch Therapy 

      Great pain relief with a simple touch. No Needles, non invasive Meridian Therapy that uses entirely natural energy. 
Magnetic & Far Infrared Rays.
Genesen Acutouch is revolutionary therapeutic system designed for home or professional use. The systems concept is rooted in Eastern medical philosophy and practice, and promotes the body’s inherent ability to regulate and heal itself. To achieve this, the system employs the most advanced technologies available to channel natural energy or chi, into the body at selected points using the Touch pointers.
This energy is amplified in each touch pointer by the addition of Far Infrared Rays at a wave length between 6 and 14 Micrometers for deep tissue healing, and Anions to compensate for the stresses of modern living and to boost the immune system.

      Some ailments that respond very favorably to Acutouch therapy are:
– Disorders of the ear nose and throat
– The respiratory system
– The cardio-vascular system
– Male & female genito-urinary systems.
– Musculo-skeletal 
– Neurological
– Metabolic and skin disorders
– Beauty Therapy and emotional and related disorders
– Local treatment for sports injures.

      Aurora Healings & Readings Colour, Magnetic, Crystal, Sound.

      A Combination of Alternative Therapies that create an incredibly powerful and futuristic alliance to help bring balance and harmony to your life. 


      Nutrienergetics System

      This system is the first and only instrument capable of 
accurately describing a full range of information about the location 
and causes of ill health. 
It quickly allows the practitioner to get to the root cause of illness and will often find factors that most sophistications and expensive laboratory and imaging tests cannot detect. All is done rapidly and non-invasively. Additionally, it gives precise information about the specific infoceuticals needed to repair the body’s bioenergy field at the quantum level, bringing the body towards optimal functioning, healing and wellbeing. It is a uniquely profound and effective system.

      E.F.T - Emotional Freedom Technique


Learn how to use a technique that will enhance your life & eliminate 
fears, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, addictions, increase your confidence and loads more.
Easy to learn and use anywhere.

      Healing Workshops


      7 TO 9:30 PM


      Everyone has the ability and power to heal themselves and others. Feel the divine love flowing through you, the love that you are. Fourteen week course of 2 ½ hours once a week to learn lots of different modalities and use to remove the layers that keep us stuck on all the levels of consciousness where we are and from living a powerful life and a life we love. Trust in grace and commit to fourteen weeks of transformation.

      Week 1 Colour

      We have an energy field around us that carries colours, your aura. Learn how this relates to your charkas and general wellbeing. See auras. Negative and positive aspect’s of your charkas. How to use colour to balance your aura and bring divine healing energy in.

      Week 2 – Magnets

      How to balance body with magnets. Using to enhance water. How electromagnetic fields affect us. Learn about meridians and Acutouch therapy.

      Week 3 – Crystals

      Crystals for charkas. Choosing crystals. Cleaning crystals. Crystals in water. How to use a pendulum.

      Week 4 – Sound

      How the vibration of sound affects our wellbeing. Different tuning forks to use for healing. Voice sounds.

      Week 5 – Numerology – Fun with Numbers

      Help to understand yourself. What lesson to choose to work with. Opportunity to use energies available to you or ignore them.

      Week 6 – Conversations – The Inspirational Game

      Express the real you. Connect with others on a heart level.

      Week 7 – EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

      A powerful technique to learn and take away to work on all aspects of your life. Works with fears, phobias, stress, pain, trauma etc.

      Week 8 – Basic Muscle Testing

      Balancing the body for accurate muscle testing. Food sensitivity testing including sugar, chocolate and wheat. Learn how to use muscle testing charts, food lists and other resources.

      Week 9 – Full Aurora Bottle Reading

      Using 78 beautiful coloured bottles. This will help to explain who you are, what your mission is and past, present and future energies.

      Week 10 – Past Life Regression

      Cellular memories that are playing out in this life can affect what you are experiencing now.

      Week 11 – Card Readings

      Learn the basics of angel, crystal, goddess and tarot card readings.

      Week 12 – Full Healing Session

      Using colour sound, magnets, crystals and all the skills learnt so far.

      Week 13 – Affirmation

      How we can enhance our life with the power of thought, meditation and self hypnosis.

      Week 14 – Channelling

      Connecting to the energy of the divine.

      Choose from one or all of the 14 weeks. $25 per week.

      Workshops running continually:

      Evenings: 7pm -9.30pm and

      Mornings: 9.30am – 12pm

      Ring or email Lesley for details

      Conversations The Game

      The Mission of Conversations is to raise the consciousness and awareness of all who play.

      This is done by selfempowerment and being an example of an abundant and successful organisation through integrity, honesty and fun.

      Are you inspired to take the next step to raise your consciousness and enhance your own conversation? A way has been found for you to dialogue with other people while being fully supported, and to experience who you truly are.

      Conversations workshops held on a regular basis.

      $20 per person.

      Ring or email Lesley for details.


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