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Are you looking for a natural, safe, and effective way to address physical symptoms and become emotionally and mentally grounded?

As the only genuine Reverse Therapy practitioner in New Zealand I can help you to regain control of your body and your life.

What are the benefits of booking a Reverse Therapy session today?


 ·       Get the power into your own hands – be the master of your own recovery

·       understand why you get symptoms

·       learn how to reverse them – the skills to do this for yourself; now and in future

·       A natural, drug-free, process, using your personal built-in ‘tool-kit’.

·       Become tuned-in to your own body’s unique ‘language’

·       Recognise messages from your body and respond effectively

·       Understand what your body wants from you, to become well and stay well

Reverse Therapy can assist with:

 •       Fibromyalgia (FMS)

•       Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

•       Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

•       Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS)

•       Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

•       Immune System dysfunction

•       Auto-immune conditions

•       Skin Conditions

•       Anxiety States

•       Panic Attacks

•       Certain Allergies

•       Stress, Depression

What to Expect from a Reverse Therapy Session

The first session is a friendly chat, covering four main things:

a)     You can tell me about the condition you want to work on, and what your symptoms are.

b)     I tell you about Reverse Therapy principles:  explaining Headmind and Bodymind, why your body creates symptoms, a simple analogy to illustrate, and the science behind Reverse Therapy.

c)     An easy and quick grounding technique that you can do anywhere (without anyone knowing)

d)     Some home tasks, to get you started on the process of reversing your symptoms.

If time allows in this first session, I will also help you get in touch with your bodymind and we can explore some symptom events, to find out why your bodymind is uncomfortable (and creating symptoms) and what it wants you to do about them.

In subsequent sessions I will teach you the tools to become well and coach you into using them yourself to become well.

How many sessions will I need?

The first 2-4 sessions involve teaching you the process and training you to use it in your daily activities.  By then we are well into the coaching stage and very close to recovery.  I have had clients who only needed 3 or 4 sessions, while the majority take 6-8, and some may take more.  It is a very individual thing, depending on how quickly you can apply the principles in your daily life.

 If you have read Dr Eaton’s book beforehand, you are likely to progress more quickly, as you will already understand the principles, and I will only need to go over them with you.


 Skype and/or phone sessions are available and have proved very successful for Reverse Therapy, and I have helped many clients in south island, people in Melbourne and as far away as Cambodia.  (However, I would do only face-to-face for Rewind and Hypnotherapy)

 REWIND Technique can assist with...

•       Phobia

•       Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)                   

•       Trauma



With my experience in the Rewind Technique I find that almost all traumas and phobias can be healed in just one session of one or one-and-a half hours.

This method is not at all distressing to the client - in fact, true healing cannot occur if the client is stressed in any way.  Therefore I keep the client calm, relaxed and feeling safe throughout the whole therapy treatment.  This enables the brain to fully process the event into 'past' memory, so that the distressing symptoms can no longer be triggered by any sensory (or other) reminders.


 ·       Safe, relaxing, comfortable – even pleasurable – for you

·       A safe, calm process

·       Neutralising the effect of ‘trigger’ situations

·       Permanent, quick and painless

·       Freeing you to enjoy all aspects of life again.


 •       Weight control                                                                                                           

•       Smoking                                                                                                             

•       Performance Anxiety (sport, hobbies, speaking, etc)                 

•       Exam nerves                                                                                                                                                                                     

•       Personal Issues (confidence, stammering, etc)                                     


Trance is a natural state; we all go into trance naturally at all sorts of times:  when completely caught-up in a movie, when driving on ‘auto-pilot’, watching our favourite sport, etc.

Hypnosis simply harnesses this power (our sub-conscious) to bring about changes we choose for our benefit.  It builds expectation – in place of hope.  When we just hope to achieve something, there remains a possibility for failing.  When we expect to achieve it, there is confidence that success will definitely follow.  No matter how much we consciously tell ourselves something, any sub-conscious dis-belief will always jeopardise the result.  BUT, by seeding the subconscious with positive expectation we can turn this around, so that success comes naturally.


 ·       A safe, calm, natural process

·       Positive changes for your benefit

·       Freedom from whatever has been holding you back

·       Enabling you to achieve your goals


I offer a no obligation initial phone consultation to assist you on how I may help you begin your journey to wellness CALL today to book your first step..

Client Feedback

“It was fortuitous that Nola returned to New Zealand, having recently qualified, just at the time when I was investigating Reverse Therapy as a healing modality for CFS. 

“Having experienced this illness since 1991, and having tried various therapies with mixed results, it seemed just too simple to be effective.  I had suffered a relapse mid-2007 and decided to stop work until I was 'healed'.

“I had only 7 sessions with Nola and am now back at work full-time.  Reverse Therapy is best viewed as a lifetime commitment to a changed perspective, not just a 'therapy' to get well.  Now, whenever I feel some sort of physical imbalance, I pay attention instead of treating my body as a recalcitrant child and just pushing and pushing.  As a result, overall, life is more harmonious.

“Nola is a gentle, patient and passionate advocate of Reverse Therapy.  Her life experience and exploration of other areas adds to the process.”

FM – Auckland, 2008.

“Reverse Therapy has helped me to be true to myself, to value and respect my feelings and express myself with love and honesty.

 “I am very grateful to Nola Wicks for her wise counsel.”

JM – Auckland, 2008.

During the period of June - Nov 08, I was fortunate to have six Reverse Therapy sessions with Nola Wicks for the treatment of Fibromyalgia.

The treatments have made a huge difference to my daily work life. I now have the knowledge and tools to manage pain as opposed to the pain managing me.

Furthermore, techniques taught during these sessions have empowered me to recognise and deal with stress and I now also enjoy balance in my everyday life.

I cannot recommend Nola highly enough. She is a kind and inspiring person who is dedicated to making a profound difference to the quality of the lives around her.

There are so many who can benefit from Nola’s guidance and the fantastic life changing knowledge she shares. It goes without saying I have no hesitation in recommending Nola as a treatment provider of Reverse Therapy.

FB – Christchurch, 2009
I went to see Nola for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after reading a book about Reverse Therapy for

treating this illness.  I found her lovely to work with and felt safe about sharing private feelings

and aspects of my life with her, which is necessary for treatment.  She was non-judgemental,

kind and good at seeing the “heart of the matter”.  Nola was proficient at explaining and teaching

the method as well as implementing it in our sessions.  As a result I have recovered from CFS and

have the tools to deal with it if symptoms recur.  I am grateful for the Reverse Therapy method

and appreciative of Nola for being a great practitioner of it.
CR - 2014


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