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Reverse thReverse Therapyerapy is a Bodymind healing process which teaches people how to 'listen' to symptoms and take corrective action to restore emotional harmony. It is based on the realisation that some illnesses - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. included - are actually glandular disorders which are triggered by Bodymind through the Hypothalamus (in the brain) when Bodymind picks up that the individual is at risk of emotional harm from the environment.

Reverse therapy investigates the link between symptoms and unhealthy situations and works out what Bodymind is prompting the person to do about those situations. This part of our work is called 'working with the symptom-message'. Reverse therapy also teaches clients how to raise Body awareness so that symptoms can be noticed and acted upon more quickly and easily.

Alongside this process clients are taught to distinguish between Headmind demands and Bodymind needs, noticing where Headmind tends to block the natural expression of emotion, and then re-learning how to express emotions constructively, but also honestly. Throughout, clients are offered support and encouragement while they experiment with tasks designed to restore harmony between Headmind and Bodymind, and by doing so, cope more effectively with the demands of their environment.

Reverse Therapy is based on the very latest innovations in the related fields of Psychobiology (the study of interactions between 'mind' and body'), Psychoneuroimmunology (which investigates brain, behaviour and Immune System reactions) and Bodymind Healing - a holistic approach to 'dis-ease' which investigates why the organism has been forced to produce symptoms in order to address an imbalance in the individual's life circumstances. The main principles and techniques have been put together by Dr John Eaton since 1996, when he first became interested in Bodymind work with symptomatic conditions.

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