EMF Balancing Technique®
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EMF Balancing Technique®


The EMF balancing Technique® is a highly effective form of personal energy balancing. 

There is so much more to us than meets the eye!  We have a field of light and energy surrounding our body which holds energetic information all about us.

The EMF practitioner works with this energy to facilitate the release of energy patterns or emotional energy surrounding relationships or life events.  For example, are you aware of repetitive patterns in your life?  Do you keep repeating the same relationship issues or issues with abundance?  

The technique enables a release of old unwanted energy patterns. This energy is then transformed or you could say “cleaned up “ and recycled back into the energy field. In this process, energy that was pulling an individual down becomes useful and supportive.

Through this empowering work individuals have discovered profound peace, stress reduction, mental clarity, increased vitality and rejuvenation, physical regeneration, greater mastery in life, improved relationships and overall wellbeing.  The range of benefits is unlimited !

In this time of rapid change, EMF sessions enable inner resilience to build so that an individual can make wise life choices and decisions .  

Peggy Phoenix Dubro developed the EMF Balancing  Technique® over a period of 22 years as a way of organizing  and balancing the energy surrounding the human body.  She has dedicated her life to the conscious management of personal energy.  Peggy has recently been elected as an honorary member of the International Association of Integrative Psychology in Moscow in recognition of her work in  human energy management.  


People come for EMF sessions for many different reasons.  Many people come wanting different results in their life.  Others want to understand themselves better.  Others want optimum health, peace of mind, stronger relationships, to release anger, some want to smile more and to get back the fun in their lives! 

The practitioner’s role is that of facilitator.  The results of the session are always determined by the client ‘s unique needs at the time.  Although the intent is for balance, you could say healing is a side effect of the process and there can be spontaneous healing as an energy pattern is released.

Although an individual may come to a session for a specific reason the practitioner holds the intent for balance The focus is to facilitate holding more balance, both within self and others in daily life.  


Each session lasts about an hour.  The recipient is on a massage table while the practitioner works with the energy field.  The technique is non-diagnostic.  There are no value judgements to make only energy re-organising to the best level of balance.  The practitioner is a facilitator or catalyst for the process.  Their role is to follow the energy patterns while working in different parts of the energy field, allowing the recipient to respond in their own personal way.  This occurs whether they are aware of it or not!

An EMF session is truly an incredible experience! In a nut shell energy bodies out of balance can mean lives out of balance.  Through the EMF sessions individuals participate in a process of clearing, balancing, and calibrating their energy centres and field.  The changes can be both dramatic and subtle.


To help you find the right EMF balancing Technique® Practitioner, you can visit www.EMFWOrldwide.com Here you will be able to locate the New Zealand practitioners who are dotted throughout the country.  Most practicing practitioners have completed an Internship programme and are Accredited EMF Balancing Technique® practitioners.

The EMF Balancing Technique® is now practiced in over 70 countries.  The EMFWOrldwide.com site has many interesting and informative videos which can be watched online.  There is also online shopping for purchase of the many CDs, DVDs and books.

If you need further assistance or would like to have your questions answered personally please email Pauline Baker at [email protected] or visit her website www.energywise.net.nz . Pauline trains practitioners and also teaches practitioners to become EMF Teachers   She would be happy to help you find a practitioner, to discuss practitioner training or assist with any query.

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