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Facts:  Pranic Applications is scientifically tested and validated,
It is used by many health professionals including medical Doctors worldwide,
It is totally safe and natural and can be learnt and practised by any lay person,
Practised in over 80 countries, Proven Results.

Therapy Type:
  Energy Healing



Pranic Applications is a highly evolved etheric science utilizing life force energy called prana assisting the body to repair itself drawing in energy from the surroundings, working on Pranic Healing New Zealandthe bioplasmic or energy body to help with many ailments and conditions. It is neither a religious, sect or new age concept, it is a simple powerful effective non-touch healing system which is very effective and the healing rate is fast. Orthodox methods treat the physical body whereas Pranic Applications emphasizes on the energy body. Pranic Applications in its existing form has been painstakingly, systematically and scientifically developed by Master Choa Kok Sui with over 20 years of thorough research and testings to have it validated.  Most causes pertaining to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental fields lie in the energy field, the transferable technology of prana is used to rebalance, harmonise and strengthen these energy fields. Success in life depends on the quality of our energy field, how clean the chakras are, their size, whether they are clogged, dull or bright and healthy.  The gateway to higher conscious levels and good health is accessed and achieved through the state of the chakras.

Three main aspects of Pranic Applications are:

>Scanning - A powerful diagnostic technique used in many areas to identify the cause of the imbalance source in the auric field and body, relationship and financial issues and many other areas such as contracts, future partners and more.

>Cleansing - Removes the stagnant diseased dirty energy which needs to be removed to prevent disharmony and imbalances in the system.

>Energising – Once the auric body and energy centres have been cleansed fresh prana is programmed and stabilised  into place with certain techniques.  Application of the techniques can be quite successfully applied to relationships, financial and work areas, home environments, gardening, animals, even vehicles. May Pranic Applications open your mind to the world of subtle energy- Quote from Master Choa Kok Sui.


• Pranic Applications is used for health, wealth, happiness, well-being, business/relationship improvements, sports enhancements, projects, spiritual growth, lifestyle and more.

• Pranic Applications creates inner peace, clarity, happiness, healthier immune systems, vitality and energy as it treats the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies therefore it helps with virtually all ailments, conditions and dis-eases.

• Pranic Applications can also increase the rate of healing ailments by three times or more since it reduces or completely relieves pain or aches almost immediately.

• Alongside sports, business and relationship issues, tummy and hip tucks, breast reduction or increases and face lifts are addressed with amazing results all without touching the body.

• Stress, toxic build-up, trauma, phobias , fears, addictions, weight concerns and health issues are all helped with one or more sessions.

• Pranic Applications is ideal from pre-birth to the elderly for any condition and can also be used on sick animals.


Our body creates blockages due mainly to emotions and stress therefore a Pranic Healing treatment unblocks these areas where contamination forms and puts fresh energy back into the depleted areas, resulting in re-vitalisation of the whole being  bringing about more energy and balance. A healing is assisting the body’s energy system to normalize so that the body can actually heal itself. Work is done on the whole person not just the area or areas of pain.  On the whole a person will notice a huge difference within their body. The treatments are safe and non-invasive with the client fully clothed. A treatment can take from 20 minutes to an hour. In general the patient will either be relieved almost immediately or within a few hours. Severe cases the patient may experience relief after a day or two. Follow up appointments may be necessary especially with certain conditions such as cancer, tumours, diabetes etc.  This will be determined after the initial consultation.  Pranic Applications is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but rather complement it. 


Pranic Applications are trained to do the utmost best for each individual using the necessary protocols to ensure the right treatment is given for good health and well-being. SINCE the training is thorough and intensive the applications can be applied by the students immediately after each course. There are several courses which develop the practitioner from the basic through to becoming an Associate Certificated Pranic Applications here in NZ.  Individuals are encouraged to take the courses to learn the modality to be able to self heal and take care of their own bodies,  they can therefore address the condition they may have in their own time or work immediately on accidental occurrences.   

The Wellness Directory provides a ready-made referral list of certified Pranic Applications practitioners within your region.  We fully encourage the public to do some independent research by checking out individual credentials, i.e. experience, training, qualifications, relevant client feedback and so forth.

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