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Fact:  The method of applying UV rays to the blood began in 1925.

Founders:  One early pioneer of UVBI was Kurt Naswitis, who directly irradiated the blood with UV light through a shunt in 1922.

What Exactly Is Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation?

Ultraviolet blood irradiation was first used in hospitals in America in 1928; Russia currently has over 100 hospitals incorporating it.  UBI is utilised in 14 other countries as well.

Pre-operative treatments reduce lethality and mortality by 50%, and greatly reduce (improve) recovery times after surgery.  UBI helps avert infections pre-, during and post-surgery.

Procedure: An IV is started and 60cc of blood is drawn.  This blood is injected into a 250mL bag of normal saline with an equal amount of ozone/oxygen gas mixture.  The ozonated blood then drips back into the patient after passing through an ultraviolet light device.  The blood picks up photons of light, especially the red blood cells and haemoglobin  This irradiated blood then shares this photoluminescense to all other red blood cells.  The result of this is a positive effect in over 60 diseases, with an efficacy rate of 60 - 80% with virtually NO side effects.

Is Ultraviolet Blood Therapy Right For You?

* Kills bacteria and viruses in the blood

* Supercharges the immune system

* Improves circulation - improves microcirculation

* Oxygenates tissues

* Balancing effect (homeostasis)

* Reduction of tissue pain

* Cardiovascular protection - increased metabolism of cholesterol

* Anti-inflammatory effects

* Powerful anti-infection qualities

* Stimulation for production of red blood cells

* Improvement in the flow and properties of the blood

Many technical reports are available on these results; please see www.DrsUBI.com especially the "Informational  White Paper"

The effects of UBI Therapy are cumulative and therfore increase  over time, with each treatment adding something different to the one before it.  The effect is very long-lasting, or even permanent as it is a metabolic therapy helping to restore normal physiological function.

Treatments can be done weekly or several times a week for a more rapid response.