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Flat feet cause the arch of the foot to collapse down on impact pressing the inner side of the foot into the ground. Flat feet can be mobile or rigid. Mobile flat feet is caused by poor muscle tone in the arch of the foot. Rigid flat feet is due to muscle injury or a present disease.


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When standing, the feet usually have a gap between the inner part (known as the arch) of the foot and the ground. The height of this arch can vary but for some people the arch is particularly low or not there at all. This is referred to as flat feet or fallen arches and on weight bearing the arch flattens and the foot can roll inwards.

Some people with flat feet never experience any problems while others suffer with aching feet or pain in the lower leg due to the strain placed on the ligaments and muscles.

Flat feet can be caused by a variety of factors such as a family history of the condition. For those who develop flat feet later in life, injuries such as a ruptured tendon or diseases including arthritis can result. Certain diseases of the central nervous system such as Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida and Muscular dystrophy can result in flat feet as the muscles become weak and unable to work together.

A rare condition called 'Tarsal Coalition' causes the bones in the foot to fuse together resulting in flat feet. It is usually diagnosed during childhood.


Symptoms of flat feet

Depending on the severity of flat feet and how long the condition has been present, the symptoms can vary. The main symptom is over-pronation of the foot whereby it rolls inwards causing poor alignment of the ankle joint and Achilles tendon. This can result in the following problems:

  • Pain on the inner side of the ankle
  • Pain in the foot arch
  • Pain in the lower leg (calf muscle and knee joint)
  • Stiffness in the foot
  • Back pain

The condition is often apparent when shoes begin to wear unevenly.


Diagnosis of flat feet

Flat feet doesn't usually need a professional diagnosis as the condition can be managed without medical intervention. However, a visit to a GP or Podiatrist is recommended if:

  • The problem has only recently developed
  • Pain is still experienced when wearing supportive shoes
  • Your feet appear to be flattening
  • Your feet feel stiff or have poor mobility

A doctor or foot care specialist will examine the function of the foot while you are standing and walking to make a diagnosis of flat feet.

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