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Here’s what you’re missing out on if you can’t find the ‘off’ switch for your overactive mind:

1. You’re missing out on having razor sharp focus

Not being able to think straight is a common symptom of too much anxiety or stress. This happens because the emotional part of the brain 'swamps' the thinking part.
In most situations you want to be able to think clearly. And keeping your 'thinking brain' working actually calms you right down.


Today's tip will help you focus...

2. You’re missing out on having energy to burn

Anxiety robs you of your energy! If you get anxious about a project with a tight deadline or an upcoming event such as next week’s performance review, you'll notice that just thinking about the situation/event will start to cause physical responses – like butterflies in the stomach, quickening pulse, your palms getting moist, your mind starting ruminating on auto, you start breathing more quickly and so on.
So even thinking about the review primes your body to become even more anxious in the actual situation and so the vicious cycle continues. This leaves you feeling drained, often lethargic and tired out!
If you lack energy and don’t have great get and go then this is a signal that something’s draining your batteries! And remember, anxiety is a thief!

3. You’re missing out on having closer relationships

When you’re dealing with anxiety, which is an inner game, you’re not being ‘present’, you’re not living in the here and now. Often guys will say they can mask their anxiety and that nobody knows. This kind of thinking is actually most un-useful. The people around you, your colleagues, your partner, family or friends can tell when you’re not with them…they can feel when you’re living inside your own mind and experience your mood symptoms.
If you think you may have anxiety which is impacting you and your business the next step is to schedule a complimentary strategy session by Skype or phone by contacting

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