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Relationships are constantly evolving and changing as the bond between people (couples or groups) grows. Every relationship will have its highs & lows. There are many reasons for these problems such as a job loss, illness, jealousy mis-communication etc. Relationship problems are not isolated to couples they can be encountered in any interpersonal contact e.g. friends, family, groups, parents & even within the work place.


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There are many causes to relationship problems and the factors involved are dependent on the type of relationship. The common causes are stress and a breakdown in communication triggered by sudden events or long-term problems. Within marriages and partnerships, relationship problems can begin after the birth of a child when the mother becomes so involved with the baby there is little time for the partner or for sex. Affairs can be a symptom of underlying problems within a relationship as can sexual difficulties that cause embarrassment or feelings of shame.

Unemployment and redundancy can cause relationship problems due to low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Guilt, anger and resentment can develop between work colleagues as well as putting a strain on family relationships. Workplace bullying can develop from a breakdown in professional relationships and lead to further mental problems such as depression.

Physical abuse and substance abuse are common causes of relationship problems. Violence within a relationship can lead to the abused partner adapting their behaviour to avoid provocation. Alcohol abuse causes both physical abuse and financial difficulties within a relationship. Long-term illness places strain on a partnership and can lead to feelings of resentment and hatred as the relationship takes on the patient-carer dynamic instead of an intimate one.



As with causes, the symptoms of relationship problems vary depending on the relationship and its underlying problems. Relationship problems generally cause emotional and psychological symptoms including feelings of guilt, jealousy, low self-esteem, resentment, fear, dependency, insecurity and loneliness.

Relationship problems that are not identified can lead to serious mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.


Diagnosis of relationship problems is usually carried out by the individuals involved or by people on the outside of the relationship who are directly affected. Accepting that a problem has developed within a relationship is the first step to overcoming it by seeking professional help.


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