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If someone said they could control their stress, reduce their anxiety and allow them to take charge of their emotions with a few simple actions, you'd perhaps wonder what drugs they were on. When asked about the kind of tools, techniques and strategies best suited to coping with stress, I can't avoid adding Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into the selection. When working with clients I find that any tool that can be used successfully, and quickly, to reduce negative emotion is extremely valuable. And EFT certainly does this!

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a group of simple, self-help tools that have been clinically proven to eliminate or greatly reduce stress and emotional worry.

It is from traditional Chinese medicine that we learned about the flow of vital energy (chi or qi) along meridian pathways. There are some key points where the flow from the body’s energy is more “accessible”. Such points were discovered and documented a long time ago. In fact, the Chinese have been stimulating these points through touch (acupressure) and needles (acupuncture) for over 5000 years. Since the tapping points are found on these meridians, EFT or Energy Tapping is also known as Meridian Tapping. The combination of EFT was developed by Gary Craig in 1981 from techniques discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan, a cognitive psychologist.

Client Case Study:  Client A's stress was one of 'frustration' around completing work within a tight timeframe combined with the unforeseen failure of some aspect of the technology around it.  When using EFT to reduce the stress currently experienced, Client A found that other emotional issues came up. For example, the demands of having a new baby in the household and the pressures of recently relocating. Because of the techniques used we were able to attend to those emotions also.

Client Case Study: Client B's stress was around a recent disagreement in the workplace; what came up in addition for Client B was the strain of their personal relationship and a family health concern.

EFT, often just called ‘tapping’, brings together the basic principles of psychology, neuroscience and ancient medical practice by combining stimulation of a series of acupressure points with cognitive restructuring (specially worded  affirmations), typically leading to shifts in thought patterns and relief from both physical tension and excess negative emotions.

 EFT is being used by millions across the globe in many countries in hospitals, psychotherapy clinics, schools, sports fields, business practice, weight loss groups, physical rehabilitation centres, and many other settings. The EFT community is a very generous one. There are many scientific studies of EFT and the related research is available on

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