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Q How can I regularly sleep for more than five and a half hours?

A Hi. Consider having two sleeps during the night. There is evidence and history suggests that it used to be common for people to have a first sleep for a few hours, wake up and do something for about an hour, and then have a second sleep for a few more hours during the night.
There's an article about this on the BBC website called "The myth of the eight-hour sleep" for some more detailed information.
Regards, Hayden
Answered by: Hayden Oswin - Counsellor & Celebrant;
Answered on: 16-04-2013;
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A Hi Dear
Not able to sleep sound according to Ayurvedic medicine is VATA imbalance. So to enjoy sound and good sleep do as below

eat handful rasins and 5 Almonds at 330 pM
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Hi there, such a wide variety of opinions here so I will try to make mine short and to the point. The mind and our emotions control the body and therefore in order to sleep for longer periods, you simply need to work with what is causing your mind to awaken to a conscious state after five and a half hours. Is this through previous patterning, consistent stress or some other belief that drives you to wake up after such time? As with any behaviour we have, waking up after 5 and a half hours being a behaviour, we have a belief that this serves us in some way which is why we do it whether it be unconsciously or consciously - this belief is held deep within our subconscious mind. So in order to change this belief and subsequently the behaviour in any permanent sense we first need to identify the belief driving the behaviour before then we can easily and quickly change the belief to one that serves our new desired outcome - the new behaviour we desire. This is possible moreso with Hypnoenergetics than just Hypnosis or traditional Hypnotherapy as Hypnoenergetics allows you to discover the "why" behind the behaviour which is the key to any real and permanent change. As time consuming as this may sound it is possible to achieve the desired result in one session. If you'd like to speak further about this I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call directly on: 0220 594 807
Answered by: Waking Life Hypnotherapy;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A If sleeping five and a half hours per night has become a habit for you then it may take time to create a new, healthier sleeping habit. Do you have difficulty getting to sleep at night? Do you wake during the night, or do you wake early in the morning and are unable to go back to sleep? What do you do when you wake up? Do you eat foods or drinks in the afternoon or evening that have a stimulating effect on your nervous system - caffeine, MSG, sugar or artificial sweeteners? Are you watching movies or on the internet late at night? These activities can overstimulate your brain and prevent quality sleep. It's also important to look at your stress levels as long term or chronic stress can lead to insomnia. What can be done to reduce your stress? Other hormone imbalances can have an effect on sleep too. Sleep is a complex issue and not one that can easily be solved by taking a drug, herb or supplement, but these things may help in addition to dealing with the underlying issues.
Answered by: Vibrant Health Centre;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Look at your pre-bed routine. Do you allow yourself to wind down and switch off for at least half an hour before you go to bed? Do you limit your caffeine intake and avoid tea or coffee after 4 o'clock? Do you consciously put aside any concerns or worries before you retire, and resolve not to think about them until morning?

What do you do if you wake up in the wee small hours? Tell yourself that you must sleep? Get your mind busy - planning, solving problems? All this mental activity is guaranteed to keep you awake!

Instead, try tensing your whole body up really tight - REALLY tight. Hold it for as long as you can, and then suddenly let go. Let every muscle relax, like air going out of a popped balloon. Do this three times. Then take three deep full breaths. Breathe into your diaphragm and blow it all the way out. Close your eyes, imagine that you're looking up into your own head and start slowly counting backwards from 100. If other thoughts creep in and you lose track, just allow the thoughts to drift away look up (with your eyes closed) and go back to counting.

If none of this works, get someone to teach you self-hypnosis.

Good luck
Answered by: Thames Hypnotherapy and Reiki;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Some fantastic responses here. I'd like to add a few ideas.
EMFs can affect sleep. Any electrical devices should be moved to at least 3m away from your body. Move the bed so that your head is as far as possible from wires in the wall.
Light is an interference factor. Use blackout curtains and make sure your electric clock is hidden (an 3m from you).
Make sure there's fresh air flow through the room.
Avoid coffee and other stimulants after 12 noon.
If you need a wee break in the night avoid tea and other diuretic drinks after 6pm. I find a cup of warm milk very good before retiring. Milk contains tryptophan which causes babies (cows, goats, humans) to go to sleep.
You may just have a habit of waking after 5 hours. Note your habit and bless it. Then allow yourself to relax again.
Still your mind with a simple mantra. Repeat in your mind, "sleep, peace."
All the best.
Answered by: Your Essential Wellbeing;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Meditation for 20 minutes before you sleep will help you relax and clear your mind.
Concentrate on your breathing and don't think about anything.
I found that really helps. Check your overall health like toxin (do you have silver fillings in your mouth at all?), diet, bedroom health, etc.
Answered by: Bua Traditional Thai Massage;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Hi - Healing is a natural function of the body and we are designed to be self-healing. The body aims to keep everything in balance all the time but stress can interfere with how well the body can do this by channelling its resources away from healing and this can produce imbalances in the body, including not being able to sleep right through the night.

Accunect is a technique that uses a simple tapping procedure to shift the body from stress mode back into its natural state of balance by clearing stored emotions, beliefs memories of trauma, etc.

Accunect balances many levels of the body so it can release its resources to bring the body back into healing mode and restore its natural flow of energy within the whole body and mind.
Answered by: Apex Natural Healthcare;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Hi. First of all I wouldn't worry about waking - it's normal for people to wake during the night. It's when you wake and your mind gets active, that's when people can't get back to sleep. Take your clock out of your bedroom for a start. Then need to look at why you are waking, are you hot and restless or mind active? Acupuncture can be very helpful for getting a better quality of sleep, and Chinese herbs also very helpful.
Answered by: Aroha Acupuncture;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Hi
There are a number of reasons and solutions for poor sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst forms or torture, the impact on your body and mind can be profound so the sooner you get help the better. Book to see a registered Naturopath ASAP to help you with the best strategies and remedies for you.
Make sure you are exercising EVERY DAY... a brisk walk so you are breathless is a good start!)
NO TV or PC one before bed
Wind-down routine ½ hour before bed- say bath / get things ready for next day / list of tasks for next day
Think of (your side) bed as sanctuary from the world

Epsom salts baths EVERY NIGHT– 2 mugs Epsom salts –soak for 20 minutes, no soap etc. GET OUT SLOWLY. Epsom salts is magnesium sulphate, the magnesium helps to relax the body mentally and physically, sulphates help to detoxify the body. You will need to buy large amounts of Epsom salts, try the Bin Inn, simply food or for a sack try RD1 or similar farming stores. Epsom salts can be a little drying to skin, if so rinse off with clean water and use moisturiser.

Lavender baths- relax the body mentally and physically. Use a few drops of essential lavender oil in the bath.

And here's a strange but helpful remedy to try...
Wet socks at night – natural fibre- wool/ cotton long soak in TEPID water – WRING OUT WELL- put on before bed. If at any time your feet are very cold or shivery take socks off. – You could reuse them late at night.
There are many herbal medicines which work very well, nutrient deficiencies can also play a big role, and aspects of your diet/ lifestyle can also affect sleep.
Get in touch with me by clicking the link.
Best wishes

Answered by: Bay Health Clinic;
Answered on: 10-04-2013;
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A Hi there.

Inconsistent sleep can really wear you down. Identifying the reason is key to the solution. For many people the underlying cause is mineral imbalance, for some it's an issue with brain chemistry and for others it's hormones.

While there are a number of different strategies to improve sleep, I'm sure you've retried some and discussing these with a qualified natural health consultant would be the recommended course of action.

All the best
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 09-04-2013;
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