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Q Hello, I Young healthy balanced girl had a car accident a few years back. She received bad head injuries in the accident and this seems to have affected her mental health and she has been slowly deteriorating mentally. Her family are at their wits end with her current state...I am looking for a healer in Hamilton who can help her... I look forward to hearing from you soon, Please email me at Love and Blessings Rochelle Martin

A I am a pranic healer here in Hamilton and would love to be able to speak to you regarding the nature of your enquiry. My details are on my website:
Answered by: Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies;
Answered on: 29-06-2013;
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A Hi Rochelle
I support the suggestion to work on the psychological effect that the traumatic experience had, but the holistic nature of the incident also needs to be considered.

If she had a head injury, then there would have been significant inflammation. The chemicals produced by inflammation have recently been proven to be associated with mood changes. Ongoing deterioration suggests that this is not yet resolved.
A comprehensive nutritional/naturopathic consult would identify the significance of this and enable the development of a strategy for this young lady.
I have clients from all over the country - it is important for a first appointment to be in person, but thereafter phone or Skype consults can be arranged where getting to Auckland is difficult.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to book an appointment.

Kind regards
Sharon Erdrich
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 23-06-2013;
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A If it seems that this young woman is suffering from trauma in any way (which I imagine is likely) I would highly recommend her seeing an NLP-trained practitioner. NLP is an incredibly effective way of treating trauma and is used around the world to heal PTSD and trauma related issues with excellent and fast results. NLP is also an effective approach to helping change patterns of depression and anxiety, as well as pain. I'd be happy to help you connect with a practitioner in Hamilton (I'm based in Akld my self). Warm wishes, Karen Email -
Answered by: Start With You - Karen Ross, Expert Coach;
Answered on: 23-06-2013;
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