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Q Does massage help to lessen the arthritis pain?

A Massage therapy has the ability to affect systemic disorders the promotion of detoxification through vasodilation to assist in the removal of toxins, which can cause pain responses; the improvement of overall circulation by encouraging blood and lymph flow; the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system division by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate inducing relaxation and stress reduction. Massage therapy can have a positive systemic effect in the management of the symptoms and progression of an autoimmune disorder(rheumatoid arthritis)
Massage is indicated in the subacute and later stages of osteoarthritis to relieve pain and stiffness and can also increase joint mobility. Massage can also treat trigger points in the surrounding muscles that are splinting the joint and reduce pain.

Sarndra Walsh
Maintain Massage
Answered by: Maintain Massage Therapy - Auckland;
Answered on: 27-07-2013;
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A In short - yes, massage can be helpful. The pain of arthritis, in the early stages, is due more to the dysfunction and stress on the structures that surround the joint, rather than the degenerative process itself.
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Answered on: 26-07-2013;
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