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Submitted on: 13-05-2014; Answers: 3; Tagged under: Reiki Depression       ✘ Report abuse
Q Hi, my mom is suffering from chronic depression. Wondering if Reiki can help her? Thanks.

A Hi, so wonderful you are supporting your mom's wellbeing and yes Reiki works on all areas of the mind and body as well as elevating the spirit. I am a Reiki Master Teacher but after the treatment I suggest tools to take home to continue the healing process with Certified Pure Essential Oils such as Elevation to uplift and connect with the inner self also Balance rubbed under the feet to help feel calm and relax. We also have InTune to regain focus and support the mind. Please feel free to call to chat 0800 479876 Kindest Jocelyn x
Answered by: X-factor Organic Health Spa; Answered on: 15-05-2014;      ✘ Report abuse
A You are asking if reiki could help with your Mothers depression. I am a pranic healer and teacher and we have had great results in this area, you may wish to try this way of helping your Mother. More information regarding pranic healing can be found on my website: I am not sure what area you live, if you are in Auckland they have a free clinic Saturday mornings that you may like to take your Mother along to, I reside in Hamilton. All the very best and great to know that you are wanting to help, good on you.
Answered by: Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies; Answered on: 15-05-2014;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hello, yes Reiki and Energy Healing can help your Mum, sometimes the energy chakras are imbalanced and need to be 'reset' there are also other things that can help too - Bioptron Light Therapy used with Reiki and a good balanced diet and low or no alcohol too will help. Exercise is really good for helping to release the right 'happy' hormones, so a Reiki session would help but she will also need to look at her health and lifestyle too to help the treatment to be worthwhile.
Answered by: Purity Healing; Answered on: 13-05-2014;      ✘ Report abuse
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